They Are Rank Rotten


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Hope your right mate. But if you hadn’t watched the game and went with the reaction on here you would think they were a pub team.

They were the better team in the last 2 games but lost. To the delight of us.
They played a terrible Midtjylland team who could hardly string 2 passes together. They played an energetic Hearts team who worked hard but had little quality.

The last 2 games were close. They could have won both but also important to note they didn't actually deserve to win either. Against better sides - Us, Sheep, Hibs and even well organised sides - St. Johnstone, Livingston and St. Mirren will take points from them. I reckon we woll absolutely destroy them if they go all out like they are doing atm.

I fully expect Jablonec to pump them twice.
3rd best team in Czech league.
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Looks more gray than when he started
And a fatter bastard!
I can see what he's trying to do with them but they don't have the players.

Their backline is dug meat.

Pinning their hopes on a Japanese midget as their striker too.
Iv'e no coaching badges or f/all but i'm seriously struggling to see what this fat ozzie lump of shit is trying to do.
He's a fitbaw snake oil salesman fukn chancer scamming these gullible spud munchers and it's a joy to watch.
Just my opinion!


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So was Lennon

His start to the season (albeit maybe not entirely his fault ) is quite frankly laughable, I genuinely don't see him being manager after the old firm.

The best part is how are they gonna find another manager when they had to settle for this kangaroo? I'm refusing to accept big JK will be back again , they can't be that thick
Steve Clark.

Para Handy

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We’ll beat them 10-0 on the 29th. We’ve won 56 already and are a decade ahead of them on the pitch. We are the champions again.


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Two sides of this for me.

The first being that their club is being run into the ground by people who appear to have lost all comprehension of all things football. They are spending , once again , supposedly big money on absolute dross. If Ange , who by now must have slipped a few positions in top managers in world football , has no say in new additions or back room staff then I do look forward to what the season brings. He is literally there to take a kicking for the tools at the top.

However, he surely has to play to what strengths the team currently have (No laughing at the back). You wouldn’t take eleven one legged midgets into an arse kicking competition but this is essentially what he’s doing. Playing the high press and relying on those two wingbacks to play expansive football whilst relying on Arsefelt and Bitton with Sweeper keepers Bain and Howling Mad Barkas to sweep up at the back is nothing short of suicide. Unfortunately for him when you have to rely on the bravest man in world football for your defensive training there isn’t going to be much of an upward trend in terms of patching up their current frailties.

Continuing to play the way he does is a catalyst for shark attacks and fire bombing their own. Glorious to watch but I’m not sure how much more comedy value they can kick out without a full on civil war in the East….

Johnny Fontane

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I saw a picture a few weeks ago now of Ange with his new backroom team that was made up of exactly the same clowns that were there last year, including the guy who was Lennon's #2 and subsequent caretaker. That tells me two things: 1. The new manager is not calling the shots, he's been told that he has to work with what's already there and 2. They will finish even further behind us than last year.

This is the best we've had it since the 90s in terms of a porkheid shitshow.


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He's predicted a Rangers treble, Aberdeen to finish second and Celtic 3rd to be fair.
Nuremberg’s painting it like the shitshow it is only to exhort Desmond to release more cash or change everything to the benefit of his beloved broken hoops (remember it’s a national crisis if Rangers are in the ascendancy, never the other way about ).
We do it for reasons of schadenfreude and karma……and I LOVE it !


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This high intensity football they want to play is going to cause them lots of injuries over the course of the season.


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Beat off Preston at home
Beat off West Ham at home
Draw with Mjitland at home
Beat off Mjitland away
Beat off Hearts away

Edouard and Christie still to leave

Big Flange seems to be bulletproof and long may it continue

To all the "they are playing well" crowd, how do you explain the above?

Delboy Trotter

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Everything has flipped

and once they’re back playing at home the pressure from the stands will hamper them

for years they knew we weren’t consistent enough so any dropped points was glossed over and the crowd weren’t baying for blood

now we’re sorted and they know the margin for error is very slim meaning every week the crowd will be on their backs when drawing going into the final 20 minutes of games

I can’t wait to hear that lot heckling the players next weekend


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I think that you are correct that they will probably be closest to us in the league but it isn't a given. The downward spiral is still looking very real. There is no way of knowing if they will improve or not. There are teams in this league who know how to park the bus and hit fast and hard.

If they lose any more points and we keep winning the pressure on them will be off the scale.
This team they have on current form would lose to Hibs, Aberdeen and Motherwell of the last couple of seasons. Drop points in Dundee, Livi and probably St Mirren. Their total points tally will not exceed 70 on this form and with these players.


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Big Ange(he's not that big) has been sold an absolute pup. From the happy clappers of Japanese football to the dogfights of Scottish football. Surrounded by a failed coaching staff, clueless recruitment, paranoid entitled 'support ' and a novice CEO.
It really is the perfect storm.


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Man mark Forrest out of the game and there is no one in that team to be afraid of.
He never turns up against us anyway.

Their new captain also disappears after the first half hour along with Turnbull. Soro is a disaster waiting to happen and the Frenchman is ripping the piss out of them.

Wonderful stuff really


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Watched the full game last night and the CL qualifiers too and they are a poor all over the pitch

If we get a good result on Tuesday v Malmö then they are away to Jablonec on Thursday and the pressure starts to mount again after how they have done in the first 3 competitive games

Big Angie seems to be getting off scot free for any criticism and this will only last so long and he’s still been a bit prickly with a couple of interviews

This GB protest next week has the potential to upset their fragile players mentality as whilst it’s aimed at the board it can’t have a positive effect on the team or manager

Then it’s into a stadium with 25000 fans and who knows how that goes

Hope Jablonec win and the protest freaks out the staff and they get worse


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They do have 2 easy home games while we travel to Dundee Utd and Ross County. After that, we get our chance to batter them at Ibrox.
Easy?? Up against in form Dundee and St Mirren who both remain undefeated.

Big Ange could be gone before the September weekend.


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They do have 2 easy home games while we travel to Dundee Utd and Ross County. After that, we get our chance to batter them at Ibrox.
They will be bricking it in front of their home fans, they might well win them but that won't appease the hoardes, especially if they're out of the EL.