They Are Rank Rotten


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For me they are worse than we were when we finished 3rd so I expect them to finish 3rd at best. They are honking on and off the park. Lovely.


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I’ll take stick for this but they aren’t as bad as being made out.

They’re pressing high and having a lot of the ball. Creating chances but not taking them.

You can see the shape and style they want to play.

2 delightful defeats but that aren’t as bad as being made out.
I watched the second half of the hearts game and they were rotten.


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I had one of the unwashed in my company on Friday night. After a few beers football gets brought up to which he replies ach lads settle down use won 1 trophy in so many years bla bla bla! I replied mate for the fact it was to stop the apparent holy grail of 10IAR I couldn't give 2 fucks.

This was the same guy who said J Kennedy was the new DOF & Maloney was on the verge of being unveiled!

Rudolph Hucker

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Last season everyone said they were rotten. They weren’t, they just looked really bad compared to us. They were mediocre, not rotten.

So far this season, we’ve had some people saying they’re not that bad. They’ve played 3 competitive matches, drawn 1 and list 2 and both teams they’ve played have been very, very poor. If you look bad against teams of that quality then you’re in trouble and I fully expect us to take them apart (maybe even by an historic scoreline) in a few weeks time. They are genuinely that bad. Mid-90’s bad and will be even worse if/when they offload Edouard & Christie in the next fortnight.


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What I noticed on Saturday was that bar a couple of saves from Gordon at the end, they didn’t really have any other “big” chances. Sometimes last season they dropped points because of a big goalkeeping performance but on Saturday they created next to nothing, were well beaten by the other team (who were poor as well IMO) and Hearts could’ve had a couple more as they looked dangerous everytime they got into Celtics box.

I fancy Aberdeen to finish above them.

Wee Dick's Hairnet

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Pleasing to see them so far behind us.

Normally it comes down to what we do against them but even the diddy teams don’t fear them anymore.

When the diddy teams are ahead they normally start defending with 10 men late in the game, inviting then on which invariably ended up with them scoring. That didn’t happen last year and looks set to continue this year.