This level of performance is unsustainable

Delighted we got the 3 points but we were very poor, Dundee looked like scoring every time they attacked

Still think we will raise our game when needed
Can't play amazing every game as much as we want it. However 3 points is the aim and we got that.
Uncomfortable afternoon for sure but we won and that will do nicely.
We’ll be punished if we continue to play like this.

Some think it’s a matter of flicking the switch and it will all fall into place. Doesn’t happen like that and there are too many players off form - we are miles off it.

I don’t know what’s going on with our play - too slow, lacking penetration, far too many slack balls, too many extra touches, failing to convert our chances.
Lack of energy and way too much slack play. Cannot sustain this level of performance if we are to avoid silly dropped points. Delighted to win but a shaky performance.
Watched Rangers win leagues playing like that and as we have been plenty of times, Smiths times often didn’t wake up till January
Your name is rhyming slang for what we're being served up.
It's not good enough, not nearly good enough. Unfortunately it shows no sign of changing anytime soon.
No point burying our heads in the sand and saying everything's fine cause we are top of the league, keep playing like this and that will quickly change.

Almost October, near enough 20 games, and we have barely put one good 90 minute performance in, that is absolutely shocking.
On point. Our performances have been nothing but a shambles. Goldson & Tav going through the motions, no urgency and no leadership. Some team will give us a right doing if we don't get our act together. What the fck does our Manager say to them? He should have everyone of them in front of him tomorrow asking of they are happy with their lack of effort and pedestrian football!!
Were winning when were playing poorly, it is unsustainable but I think we’ll get a performance soon

I think you're saying that more in hope than anything. There's been precious little in the way of sparkling football from us so far this season and we're almost in October. We were lucky to get away with the win today but need to get our act together or someone is going to do us.
Yeah he looks to be coming on to it. Can't say that for some of the others
I agree. The abuse Morelos was getting in the match thread was deplorable. Stunning assist yet clowns saying he was shit and get Sakala on. Sakala is not that good by the way, And punters thinking Wright is a better choice than Kent.. Get a grip man.
The drop of in performance/quality is very worrying. We have been rotten this season. We were lucky to take anything from that today.
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Under Gerrard the first halves of the season we are usually pressing high and showing real urgency. This is like the second half of the season. Can only hope it improves.

Ordinarily I'd fancy us away in Europa League v most teams but struggling to see where a big performance is gonna come.

That said, we ground out that win today and it's a massive 3 points and heaps the pressure on the tims
Tav dived in twice today and was absolutely skinned. Goldson got wrong side of a couple of long balls today and looked all over the place.

It won't happen but I'd have Paterson start the next game in Europe. He brings some drive and urgency.
You could flip that on it’s head.

We haven’t started this season well atall yet we are top of the league and currently 7 ahead of them.

Play like we did today at Easter Rd, Tynecsstle or Pittodrie and it might be a different story.
Play like that at any of these venues and we're getting beat.
If not for a save from a piss poor penalty we drop more points, Dundee had double the shots on target that we had as well, despite having 1/3 of the possession in the game.
And therein lies the problem. We take far too long to get the ball forward due to the sedate pace we've been playing at this season. No cutting edge in the final third and a disturbing lack of goals. Back to the way we were a couple of years ago when we tried to hang onto a 1 goal lead. So depressing to watch
someone has to take kamara aside and tell him he is a star player and start using his skills, is he so underconfident or following management instructions to just play a ten yard pass with no outcome , he hardly even plays a one two going forward , its so frustrating to watch. Remember at Ibrox a couple of years ago doing his turn leaving brown for dead and setting up a goal, ?
Teams have periods of good performances and periods of poor performances.

Teams that keep winning during their periods of poor performances tend to win league titles.

We do look poor and there is no getting away from it but we are also still getting results. Performances will pick up and the results will keep coming. It is a cliche, but this side has earned us being a little more patient with them while they are winning ugly in my opinion.
Any moaning or complaining will see the usual comments in reply “7 Points clear”, “top of the league”, “3 points all that matters”.

We have been absolutely dire most of the season, and dare I say since the start of the year.

We pass the ball from side to side with no real intent or purpose and have zero aggression, continuously bullied all over the pitch.

Turn up like that vs Hibs and we will get a doing.

Part of me thinking that the 1st half of last season was just an exception under Gerrard, with performances since the start of the year the norm under this management team.
All credit to Lundstrom for an assured performance, and for battling through a difficult start to his Rangers career to find form. Says it all however when that was enough to earn man of the match.

Where do you start with that today. So many players miles off it....... again! Goldson, Tavernier, Kamara, Morelos, Roofe, Hagi, utter shite. It's become quite alarming just how below the standards set last season this team are operating at. Three points gained and top of the league are the headlines, but there's no escaping the fact that yet again we were f***ing crap.
We will win the title but the drop off doesn’t look like it’s going to be reversed anytime soon.
Champions always find a way to win when off the boil.
That is fine when it's just an off-day and we still manage to get the three points, not when it's practically 18 off-days in a row.

I get people are saying it's a good thing we can play so bad yet still be top, but there is absolutely no way we can go 38 games this season playing this bad and not start dropping points frequently.
Yeah mate top of the league without getting out of first gear all season and beating the tims isn't good enough. Come on now.

Deluded here.

You're making out like we're choosing not to get out of first gear.

On current showings it looks as if we can't!
No point burying our heads in the sand and saying everything's fine cause we are top of the league, keep playing like this and that will quickly change.

Almost October, near enough 20 games, and we have barely put one good 90 minute performance in, that is absolutely shocking.
Nonsense post,
Top of the league.
In the semi final of league cup.
Have a lie down.
The worry is Celtic started the season last year playing the way we are - sneaking wins that the performances don't necessarily deserve until it all came crashing down. Winning ugly is fine if it is now and again.
You’ll never get a reasonable debate on threads like this. Too many of our support are too Uber super staunch to admit what they are seeing right in front of themselves. We are getting by with the skin of our teeth with too many not performing. It’s not good enough and will certainty bite us in the arse if we don’t get our act together soon.

Yes we’re top of the league but if you think that level of performance is acceptable or will see us through to the finish line then you’re kidding yourself on.
We do look a bit disjointed just now,Roofe and Morelos seem to want to play in each other's space and definitely not working as double strikers,midfield seem to have gone back to playing square balls across the middle rather than forward,our defence have started to struggle against lofted high balls.
On the bright side we won and we know we can improve.
What's stupid about it?

We need to win the league to gain automatic champions league qualification. Stylistically is not been as good on the eye as last season so far, but we're 7 points clear of the Tim's who are having a horrendous time and will be our main rivals for the title. As long as we keep grinding out results and pulling away then I'm sure we'll all be happy come the end of the season.

Never seen a team in my life consistently have pish performances and win the league.

Not once, in any country, in any league.

That’s why it’s stupid, people who are willing to just not say anything about the performances cos we are beating jobbers doesn’t make you a more positive fan just makes you deluded.
Winning games like that is a sign of champions, but not every single week, as you say, something will have to give. Going to be a long season by the look of it.

We play like this away to Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen and Celtic more likely than not we get beaten. Our run of relatively easier fixtures, especially away from home, has helped us avoid a defeat or two.

Obviously glad we are winning but cannot recall the last time we had a run of such poor, poor performances. Today was nothing short of abysmal.
The whole team is off it but Tav and Goldson in particular are playing like donkey's which is a big worry.

We can only get better though surely!