This Netherlands v Japan womens match


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Just watching the weather forecast there. Going to be interesting over the next few days as temperatures are expected to reach 45 degrees in some parts of France!


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This new hand ball rule is fcking mince. There is absolutely zero chance the Japan player can get their arm out the way there, and the only unnatural position would be to bounce about the box with your hands behind your back all the time.
Or just keep them down to your side, the day those start getting called ill have sympathy but players have gotten away with handballs for years now on the basis that it wasn't intentional no matter where there arm was and it had only been getting worse and worse with refs terrified to call them. Players are finally being punished for making themselves bigger even if that's not what they're trying to do. Defenders will adjust, the rules only been in place for a few weeks now
Another very good game, shame for Japan play some lovely stuff but cannae get the goals their play deserves, be a good time for Scotland to go and get their manager she has them playing a lovely style.

This new penalty rule is insane, its just daft, we will see plenty given against Rangers for sure i doubt many will go our way not in Scotland.
I have enjoyed it to tell the truth. Lack of feigning injury and hassling Refs etc... has been a bloody breath of fresh air.
Agree with you there , Jonathon Pearce said in commentary that only one player in tournament so far has been booked for simulation .


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The us game yesterday was silly though. Players diving left and right, ref making horrible calls. Felt like watching Thomson ref us
Only half watched that as was working at the time, could believe that if anyone would do it with real intent it would be the Yanks mind!

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The new hand ball rule is daft. Ball was blasted at her from 3 yards. She didn't move arms and clearly it hit off way was there any intent to gain advantage.


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An absolutely shocking decision, never a penalty in a million years. If this nonsense is to be carried into the mens game, then the world's sport is fecked.