This two game ban for McGregor!!

UEFA or FIFA should be fining the SFA for imposing these bans wrongly.

It's an utter farce and being used to give the scum an unfair advantage.
Wonder if contacting said organisations would have any impact on refereeing standards in Scotland or if they would just find another stick to beat our club with. Seriously though would making a highlight reel and sending it to them focussed on inconsistencies do any good?


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Doubt gets off with it...
The narrative has already been set. Ferguson apparenty moved his leg by a nano second or it was a smashed bone/ broken leg/oot the gamer.
His big dafty of a dad had his say and told us all it was a bad one. 'Badderer' than anything you'll ever see.
He will get off with it, allowing the Compliance Taig and supporters to shout: “see! We’re impartial” meanwhile the Morelos ban is forgotten about. The old bait and switch.
I don’t think he’ll get off with it. The reason for the citation is to retrospectively punish him for the Ajer incident. Same with Morelos - it’s their way of making sure that both players are punished for incidents v Celtic. Liewell has made sure of it. We shouldn’t underestimate the power he wields in Scottish Football. Open and transparent? No way.
If a ref wants a player to get more of a punishment than a red card then he doesn't send him off so he gets a 2 game ban via compliance officer, scandalous when ref doesn't do their job the player gets a double ban.


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If his appeal fails I hope Greegs retires from international football as a protest

Why give them our resources when all they do is punish us and ignore similar if not worse challenges by the Tims

Simunovic and Brown challenges ignored by SFAs CO


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Been put back till tomorrow I believe as the C.O. is not available today.
yes but according to the Rebel she is available to review the Alan Power incident today :rolleyes:
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Allan McGregor's disciplinary appeal hearing over two-game ban issued for challenge on Lewis Ferguson last week will now go ahead tomorrow after it was put back 24 hours at Rangers' request