Thogden "should i say The Rangers"


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I thought the Aston Villa lad who did the youtube video at the Braga game seemed like a proper football supporter - joining in the bouncy, singing songs and going mental when the second and third goals went in. I think that's the difference between the two, Villa guy loves the football, young Thogden sees it more from a commentator's perspective.


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Never herd of this wee guy but like everyone else they have an opinion, who gives a flying about this wee guy


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This wee fud was at the home game against Braga and just about jizzed in his pants when we beat them. Like the previous poster has said, I think he’s looking at what shit clubs have been through Over the years
Think your right but he should have made that clear! He may have overstepped the Mark here so don’t think he’ll be made very welcome in the future !


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Guy’s a nobody but he’ll be the only one making £££ partly from views from this thread alone. According to one source his earnings from making YouTube videos with his old man in January alone was near $5k. Good money for doing something you enjoy, even if his only pal is his da and he’s a virgin.


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For me it's nothing to get bothered about, February 2012 onwards until Gerard arrived was depressing.

I have watched a few of his videos after seeing links on here and thought that it was more aimed at guys around his age. I don't know what age he is, but he looks and acts about 12.


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We are, and always have been, The Rangers. Half wits and haters thought they were insulting us when they were referring to us as The Rangers, when all they were doing was highlighting their lack of intelligence.
As for the wee Youtube loser, he’s a wee wank and he’s always been a wee wank.


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If this offends you, you seriously need to get out more.

"...but I don't have to tell that the best of all,
We love to see The Rangers score"
One of my favourite songs. Trying to get what the upset is about, but I'm not going to investigate. As my old man would say, are you going up to see the Rangers, or more often the gers


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Bit annoying to be fair, the pair of them.

Can we not have a goal without the son turning the camera on him and going 'scenes, scenes'. Cringy pish. :mad:

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Why sing "No-one likes us, we don't care", then piss your frillies every time some no-mark kid has (or maybe even hasn"t) taken a wee pop?
Man the feck up, you big Jessies !
You're correct but I don't even think he's having a dig. He's saying the shit we've been through has been depressing & The Rangers is our name so no idea where the rage is coming from with that either. This thread really is a strange one. Too many social isolation days for some by the looks of it.

Wrt to him having a soft spot for that lot: Imagine 2 guys running a YT channel takes a side of the OF each. Would it really be too far of a stretch to say they've picked 1 each just to not upset a load of potential viewers? Though it's far more likely they both couldn't give a shit either way.

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not as odd as the posters that started stealing his phrases. After one of his videos we had a game and the match thread had comments like 'limbs everywhere' or 'scenes', absolutely embarrassing.
That’s not his at all it’s extremely common football patter amongst the English on Twitter.


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I always call us The Rangers and he went on to wish us the best of luck. He seems an ok lad. I quite like the videos he does. Get to see an insight into games I would never go to. I only ever really go to Rangers games personally.


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The skanky little daddy boy's off my Christmas list, and I won't be contributing to his nose job fund by giving him any more hits. No not that sort.

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I wonder if diehard Eagles fans get upset when people refer to them as The Eagles.

They're not. Just Eagles.

Wonder what The Thogden thinks about that, then?

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This wee fud was at the home game against Braga and just about jizzed in his pants when we beat them. Like the previous poster has said, I think he’s looking at what shit clubs have been through Over the years
Of course he is, fcuk me some people are easily offended, not only is he not having a go, he is showing a bit of empathy, with some of the replies we get on theses pages it would definitely encourage the opposite.