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Just the tip...
I believe forum is dominated by an Irish contingent. The rest are your typical united fans, foreigners who couldn’t pick Manchester out on a map.


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Rashford is on £250k per week. Is it any wonder Manure are shit.....who looks at Rashford and thinks....that player is top drawer!!! Not me!
never said he was top drawer i was just emphasising the point of how valuable Alfredo was


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If we were offered a straight swap, Rashford for Morelos I wouldn't take it.
Nor would I mate.
Alfie has not long turned 23, the improvement and maturity since last season has been amazing, and let us face it, discipline apart, last season he was still the best forward in Scotland.
This season he has taken a huge leap forward and every time I see him he looks to be constantly improving.

The top guys down in England like Mane and Salah are 27 years old.
Go back four years and their trajectories as players were fairly similar to Alfie's.
Indeed Alfie as a scorer may actually have a better record in European terms.

Alfie will continue to improve because he has the hunger and the desire to drive himself forward, you can see it in his body language and measure it in his unselfish work rate.

Where will Alfie be at age 27?
At the very top of the game, that is where he will be, and personally, this is a safe prediction because even a stupid person can see it.

Any team buying Alfie is buying off the top shelf.
Any team selling him has to recognise this.


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His general play, attitude and temperament have been excellent this season. Scored some real quality goals. Super Ally raving about his goal last night couldn't see enough of it. He has to keep his foot on he gas. Score against the other mhob, a couple more rounds in Europa League after the new year, top goalscorer in Scotland at end of the season then we are talking £40/50 million to an EPL club. Would like it to be Everton personally defo not Manure.


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I had this discussion the other night although we were comparing Jack and McTominay. That said I'm not sure the latter is good enough for them in the first place.
Oh the thought, Jack for McTominay. No thanks.
Agree with you on the last point too, that boy must have some guardian angel. Shouldn’t be anywhere near a jersey.


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Is it possible he will stay and move with SG when the time comes
Would love it mate but the big brewsters on offer in EPL will be too tempting. Would get £80k + a week for starters. My best mate works with Scott Danns (Crystal Palace) father in law. He is on £60k a week at Palace who are mid to lower table team. Can't believe Rashford on £250k a week. You'd have to have a decent job to get that in 5yrs!!!


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Oh the thought, Jack for McTominay. No thanks.
Agree with you on the last point too, that boy must have some guardian angel. Shouldn’t be anywhere near a jersey.
I honestly can't remember a Scottish midfield player making such a tremendous leap forward in quality as Ryan Jack has this season.
I thought he might struggle to be a first pick ahead of other midfield players at Ibrox, although I knew he would play a valuable part, but really as a holding and ball winner for certain types of games.

Instead, now if I see his name missing from the starting eleven I am concerned and disappointed.
He is no longer a midfield player with a limited range, rather he looks like a midfield general who pulls the levers for his team to function.
Now he is adding goals to his game he is in danger of becoming the complete package.

There is surely something happening at Rangers because I don't recall seeing players at Ibrox improving at such a discernible and measurable rate as I have seen since Steven Gerrard and his coaching staff took over.
It cannot just be a happy coincidence, can it?

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Alfredo's value seems to be increasing almost by the week and without a doubt his European goals against quality opposition are being noted in England.
Hopefully though whilst good news in the long run, his value is academic at least until the summer.
All ifs and buts, though if we were to qualify for next seasons' CL with Alfredo still at the Club and scoring regularly in that competition,then his value truly would go through the roof.
Would love to think we could hang on to him for another season if we were able to get a chance of CL group stages.


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Fck manu... surely the gaffer is keeping Liverpool in the loop... wouldn't surprise me if they have 1st refusal... if that Solanke is worth 18mill Fredo is 30 mill easily even thats a steal !!!


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Seems everybody is starting to take notice.
That thread is utterly inundated with throbbers. One or two exceptions, I'd not be sure if I should give them a number for a helpline or punch their cunts in. Aye you, ya tit that thinks shite eddy is worth more than Morelos :D

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It's great to see though.

Man U fans forum discussing our player and the level of ignorance and arrogance shown is great to see.

Another sign of how far we have come in a short time.

You would have to be mad to go to Man U.

The payback of 26 years fergie time has only just begun.

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Made the mistake of talking to a tarrier the other day. Same old shyt “i hear you lot are skint again, operating loss, possible admin, blah, blah, blah”

i asked him how those financials will look with 25m in the bank next summer on the back of selling morelos.

“who’s going to pay that kind of money for him, he’s never scored against ra hoops”

Good kick to his fukin head would do the trick

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Just the tip...
I Iove that a tarriar has popped up to say he’s never a £20m player and can’t be compared to the player who he is currently outperforming in every way.

The extra chromosomes tarriars have tend to reek havoc with their heads.


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Things are hotting up for Alfie ,the post about the Crystal Palace was interesting basically saying they would love him but he will end up at a big club for big money
Every club we have played in Europe this season have raved about him .
Got a feeling he will end up at Liverpool as a long term replacement for Firminio .