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Must be tough being a shellik apologist while still pretending to be a sports journalist.
Your just left with egg dribbling down your chin and making smart arse digs...Gavin.


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Windfall for the scum over Dembeles move to Athletico, 10% of 29 million......nope ....will be 10% of any profit and might just pay for the Dubai jolly if he doesn't fall flat on his face like this season to even secure a pernament move.
Wonder striker last term to him now....ha ha ,there's the door son ,don't let it hit you on the ass on the way out .
No cheap jibes out of him now i take it .Waster


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I remember years ago flicking through one of their fanzines and a page had a feature They shamed the hoops ,i hope one of their moonhowlers brings it back due to the amount of contenders this year it would be as heavy as War and peace
Long may their troubles continue


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The celebration debacles aload of rubbish, buses, showers, dressing room, but no celebration!! Cmon now
Hmm, the cynic in me would think that they're setting the narrative so that our players can't celebrate when Tav lifts the league trophy, and they'll get clobbered by some trumped up charges if they do.


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So the head of Celt*c eventually issues a mealy mouthed apology but only to their own fans. No contrition for the damage caused across the rest of scottish football.

The SPFL board couldn't be more arrogant or corrupt. The audacity to mute club chairmen on a zoom call is beyond belief.

There really needs to be a better way forward to get rid of these charlatans. Until every club (except Celt*c) gets together and stands up to these people nothing will change.


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Thanks Mark. Muting the representatives of football clubs they are supposed to represent? What a shambles those in charge of our game truly are.


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On these threads I generally scan the headlines then read the rest of the FF thread to see what's been written.

Am I correct in saying that nothing has been said re: ra sellick being the hardest hit by the virus?


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Peter Lawwell 's claim Celtic could be the club worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

I haven't read all the back pages in this thread but has any one of the "journalists" asked what the science is behind this claim ?
Has anyone asked what statistics show evidence of this?

Similarly has any one of the "journalists "including" the self appointed "Scotland's most influential sports columnist" asked what the science is behind the suspension of the lower leagues ? Or has anyone asked about the statistics ?

I suspect the answer to each of those questions is NO, because there are no statistics to show that lower league clubs have put more people at risk since March 2020 and although we know statistics can be manipulated to suit an agenda Big Peter hasn't even been asked to back up his claim with Celtc minded statistics.

Unless of course the evidence has come from the same consultancy that Celtc used to risk assess the arrangements in Dubai.

Thanks for posting the back pages Mark.


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I read the Scottish Daily Mail article about the lower leagues being muted during the meeting.

It was reported that the SPFL had followed procedure about asking questions.
The procedure is that clubs, prior to the meeting, had to email the SPFL with questions. Emails would then be forwarded on to Murdoch MacLennan and questions would be read out during the meeting. ( I was going to amend that to say any questions left after Murdoch reviewed them would be read out )

Apparently it was too difficult to convene a meeting with more than 50 people because if they all wanted to talk it would take too much time. Remember back to Easter 2020 when Les Gray was very vocal on saving the valuable time of Neil Doncaster et al ?

FFS since Easter last year the SPFL executive must have spent a considerable amount of club money to increase the storage space for the SPFL/SFA spam folder.


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FFS the Day Late Rhecord with an exclusive about Steven Gerrard's slip against Chelsea - what's exclusive about it other than Gerrard himself mentioned it in his book "My Story".

Incidentally you can buy Gerrard's book fro ma charity shop ( if you can find one open ) or online for less that the cost of the Day Late Rhecord.