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Thanks Mark. Veerman showing that he is at home with that classless lot.
Interesting to read that their spoiling tactics, particularly in the 2nd, were to unsettle us. We need a smart Ref and be more streetwise for the away game.
They really are a horrible lot. Let’s put them back in their box


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It is a wonder how Veerman can make such a claim or even see most of the game did he turn up?

He is a good player let's leave him crying In Einhoven and choking in his rearranged alphabet letters he just spouted out hopefully he is made to continue wearing his tribute Eddie the Eagles glasses in our up and coming game?

Get it pinned the return approaches! No fear, no surrender we are the Rangers, then, now and forever!


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Liked the quote from The Guardian talking about glimpses of the chaotic momentum that took Rangers to the Europa League final last year.

Chaotic momentum - good phrase to summarise what can happen on a European night at Ibrox.