Tifo Football Video: Gerrard's Two Number 10s

Up the road

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Reasonably clear and concise description of plan A and when it works it seems to work very well. However when it doesn’t work during a game we seem unable to adapt on the park to get the job done. There can be lots of different reasons for this but ultimately we will only be successful if we can find ways to win games when struggling.

Frankie and Ronnie

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good piece. i'd concur with a bit of the slump being failure to take chances and individual defensive errors. I guess they are always part of the reason though.
If you don't move the ball, and yourself, quickly enough, tactics don't matter.
Well, it's a lot easier to move the ball quicker if you have players in certain areas, not to mention areas where the are comfortable. So tactics to matter. A lot.

If you play a striker who wants to go in behind coming deep, that affects the pace. If you play a wide man in a 10 role he does not understand, that affects the pace. If you constantly play weak footers on the wrong side it will take them longer to release the ball. If you play people like Davis, who has no passing range, in a position where he tries to speed up play, he will affect the pace.



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Probably the worst tactic video they’ve done in all honesty

Their videos over the years on Nagelsmann, Bielsa, Pochettino etc have been class