Tim Taxi driver

I once told a Tim taxi driver that their Depech Mode song was a gay anthem. “Did you not know that?”

The face dropped, eyes flickered and I could hear the cogs in the tiny brain grinding. Then silence.


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Got a taxi to the aiport at 5.45 his morning only for the first words in a nasaly voice " aye looks good weather for the cup final on saturday for the treble treble". My heart actually sank as this goon spent the full 30 minutes babbling on about how mourinho wants the celtic job and its a race between him and Benitez. Came out with the ultimate deluded tim nonsense about how lucky nourinho would be to manage them,but apparently hes pals wit the kit man who says the benitez deal is done...
I'd have told him to shut the F$%k up !

Carson's Cat

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A post from me about taxi drivers.

When I stayed in Edinburgh in the 2000s Neil Alexander's auld man would regularly ferry me from EH6 to the airport and back. One of the nicest blokes you could ever meet. Even though he was a Hibee he was genuinely delighted when Neil signed for The Famous.

Mr Mojo risin'

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No. It's a popular misconception.

They were both born in April 1889, four days apart. Both rose from poverty to prominence in their respective fields.

It's also believed that Hitler hated Chaplin for making a mockery of him in his satirical movie, The Great Dictator.
fantastic movie
hitler cut his moustache that way so it was more comfortable to wear the gas mask in WW1


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Glasgow Taxi's is riddled with them. Their Chairman, Stephen Flynn, is a mad tarrier that likes to look after the bhoys.

He's currently suspended and under investigation after £10000 went missing but strangely turned up in his account..... ahem!

They just can't help themselves.
Just resting there perhaps?


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Why would you bring your team into your work life especially being a taxi driver? You’re essentially limiting yourself in making extra money by only appeasing a certain segment of your market.
There was a taxi in Bishopbriggs with the company name of 'Lisbon taxis 1967' on the side of its doors.
He had the unfortunate experience of coming to pick me up one night.:cool:

Dougie Deans

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On a more serious note they are definitely trying to find as big a name as possible. Benitez has been approached and although it’s highly unlikely he hasn’t said no.
Two things here - they are totally committed to tiar and have the lump sum to attract a top name if he will come. Easier said than done of course.
Second point, and it relates to us too. Getting a ‘big name manager’ and paying the big bucks that go with it can be in fact a shrewd investment. Let’s be honest and consider Rodgers for a minute. Look how he turned around the fortunes of players like Rogic, McGregor, Forrest etc. Look how he developed Armstrong. And then sold him on for 7m. That’s roughly what Rodgers earned in his 2 and 1/2 years up here. Paid for himself.
Hopefully Gerrard can do the same but getting a top coach when you border into the richest league in the world is no bad philosophy. And they are definitely trying to do just that!