Time for a change from 'The best'?


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I'd like us to get to a point where we can drop it and, instead, just have the crowd singing for the 10 mins before kick off and let the opposition fully hear the Ibrox Roar as they come out the tunnel.

But not up for replacing it with dance music. Generic.


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It’s a great song. Is it overplayed? Yes. Does it get the juices flowing on big matchdays? Yes. Is it a bit much when playing dross? Yes.

I’d love us to reclaim our club anthem, Follow Follow. It’s at real risk of dying out due to bastardised lyrics and singing it too fast. A slow, singable version without the stupid drum beat along with it would get the crowd going. Failing that, the older version of Every other Saturday. Classic, one of the best football songs on these islands.


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I’m opening to the best being replaced however they two are horrid choices.

Thunderstruck is always been a great shout, however there’s better Rangers songs that can be used instead.


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No thanks.

It’s synonymous with Rangers.

The only difference with it is I would go back to playing the full version to be honest. It’s shit when it’s shortened down, I’d rather have the full version because it’s a better buzz when the players come out. The shortened version was to pander to the politicians who wanted to brand us as bigots and sectarian when the rattlers over yonder are freely allowed to play any song with terrorist connotations in full versions with the fans encouraged to sing as loudly as possible, so yeah, full version back for me and stop pandering to the fucking idiots. People are going to sing add ons etc regardless, it’s been going on for years anyway.


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No sorry, wherever you are and this comes on the first thing you think of is Rangers..Simply the Best for the Best....and you can see the rage in them....which is nice....


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Not really a fan of it, and would prefer either The Famous Glasgow Rangers or Follow Follow, but it's not something I'm either going to debate about or argue for.


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Almost every other fan in the uk hears simply the best and thinks of Rangers. And maybe arsenal.

Somethings need left alone. This is one of them


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Whether you like the song or not the Best is synonymous with Rangers (although PSV also use it but i think that goes back to hearing it at Ibrox in the late 90s) and for that reason i dont see it changing.

Take for example the first alternative option - Sirius is the Chicago Bulls theme going back to the 90s and Michael Jordan era. It's their song, we'd just be copying them. Then the likes of Thunderstruck is used by a lot of teams in various sports...it'd never be 'our' song. Likewise most of the other 'suitable' rock / pop songs already have an association with another club or team.


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Simply Keep it!
Its synonymous with us, annoys the feck out of the Yahoos every time it come on the radio.
I constantly request it, as well as 'Live it up and then crank the volume up in the office when played.