Time for a change from 'The best'?

Not a fan of it myself, it's a bit of a plodder and it reminds me of David Murray. But to be fair it's now part of Rangers FC and is well loved, part of me also dreads what it might be replaced with...
Does anyone else think it's time for a change of song when the players emerge from the tunnel? Even just now and again to mix things up?

I think the 2 songs below could work really well for evening / big games.

I quite like that but I think they are a bit long for the team to walk out to.Worth having as part of the pre match build up.
I was expecting to be in the minority. I just don't see how 'The best' is in anyway inspiring. The crowd only really gets going when blue sea of Ibrox is played.
I’m the same, I mean its not even on Tina Turners set list anymore when she tours.
Whats the point :cool:
it sounds like a complete dirge if it is a proper dross game when people aren't as up for it.

as does every Saturday we follow which can get repetitively annoying on occasion.

both should be kept depending on the occasion
Its time we had a new anthem. Something slow and emotional that fans can join in with. Something to rival Liverpool's YNWA.

Frank Sinatra's My Way fits the bill.
If I was to change it, it would be AC/DC Thunderstruck.
I could see us using this from time to time. Save The Best for the big nights, have another song for different games.
We've had different songs for different eras. Penny Arcade had it's time, Three Little Birds a few times got belted out. No harm in trying things out.
I'm open to playing something else as apart from the first few bars and some people belting out simply the best the rest of it is just hand clapping until the chorus comes on again .
I think we could probably get something better now and it's run its course.

Can't see it changing anytime soon tho.
Always see Thunderstruck being heavily favoured on these threads but it gets played pre match and adds absolutely nothing to the atmosphere. It’s really not as rousing as people think it is unless you’re a big AC/DC fan.
The first couple of bars of The Best especially, will always be rousing and synonymous with Rangers.
Not that keen on it myself buts it’s popular with the majority of Bears and finding an alternative that could take its place would be very nearly impossible.
I noticed City have started using Alan Parsons Project, I think the Chicago Bulls have used it for a long, long time iirc.
Is it past its sell by date - Possibly???

One thing for sure though, go just about anywhere in the world and when it comes on, you can tell the bears from the rest. On that merit alone, it needs to stay.