Tim's aren't that good


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Romped there europa league group with a game to spare too. Their shite tho.
Lazio weren't even interested.

As for the other 2 they were average at best.

Watch next week at a decent side not shitting the bed against them and see how good they are. Not.


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Personally I think Julien is a diddy. He's an arial threat at set pieces, but with regard to his defensive qualities, 7m? No thanks.
Dykes absolutely rag dolled him the whole game. Along with the rest of their defence.

Think he was on the deck greeting about 4 times that day.

Eduoard, McGregor, Ntcham are good and the rest really ain't that good like people are making out.

Their defence is utter pish.
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its all very well saying that, but there winning every game easily, and thusly well ahead of us at present. until we get ahead of them and are matching them consistently you cant really run them down to be honest.


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What they do and do well, is win when they are expected to and win easily. Even when we win recently, such as the Hibs game, it's been an edge of the seat affair. I'd bet that we beat them over the four games on points but lose the league. Same 3 points every game and if we can't pick up the 'easy' points we're not going to be there at the final reckoning.


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Not seen much of them since Rangers won at the piggery, yeah does feel like quite long time ago, but if they are really as strong as a side as everyone suggests why dont the beat us to the title honestly ? why do they need refs helping them and causing Gerrard as many problems as possible ? corrupt referees have clearly played a huge part in the pts difference and i keep reading on here their fans dont like Lennon and want him out.

And when we did beat them, why was no one on here saying ok its no a bad result but Celtic will be back they will go on a run now cos they have a quality manager and special players ?

Id say they are slightly better, finishing and some experience, but not that much, if we had picked up a couple of wins say Aberdeen and Killie(which we should have and would have without cheating) i doubt there would be anything like the same respect for that mob.

(also this shit the bed patter, ffs, goto go dreadful)
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