Tims drop 2 points - all comments in here


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"We got a point but it's probably not enough - we need more and the players have to look at that."

It’s actually impressive how much this arsehöle never takes any blame. Even if he’s questioned about his failings he responds with ‘but the players need to look at themselves’.

There’s surely no way any players would carry any respect or loyalty for a guy like that.


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Them and there media friends will give this could be a massive point in the season patter. But the fact remains there defence can still be got at the midfield can be out worked by lesser teams if they match up with 3 in the middle and this was a big pressure game in which they dropped points in they now travel to Prague where they could suffer another heavy defeat. We now need to ramp up that pressure tomorrow massive incentive after today's result


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There’s absolutely loads of football to be played and surely some twists and turns to come but for illustrative purposes, if that was to be the case for both teams we could be going into that game with the chance to go 17 points clear due to them having yet another game moved for the Cup final.

Games in hand or not the pressure would be monumental on them if that was to be the case.
No slip ups isn’t realistic. with the advantage we have, slip up no more than them before that match is all we need. Hopefully they slip up slightly more even.


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He was trying to claim Madden is a cheat as he missed a handball. I’m pointing out that’s nonsense as cheats don’t give penalties against the team they are meant to be cheating for.

Madden is just a crap ref.

Guess it often depends what happens and how obvious or clear the penalty or any other decisions are. Hibs getting something from Madden during 90 mins does not prove hes completely honest in every call he makes.

I dont quite understand why its ok for you to keep saying hes a crap ref but its not alright for anyone to mention bias. Are you seriously suggesting we have no problems with bias in our game that refs just happen to make all these errors against us or the team thats playing well v tims ?

Remember the game where a shit ref cost Celtic, or the game a shit refs performance resulted in some crucial decisions going our way.... no neither do i as it never happens no in recent years. There is no poor standard.

Never seen the game myself, im sure you will know better about what happened on the pitch, even so im not surprised Hibs got all the bookings and at 2-0 down a soft penalty seems to have let Celtic back in it. Maybe thats a bit unfair but then so is Bobby thats what keeps him at the top.

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Obviously fantastic that they’ve dropped more points that we already have on the board.
The only bonus is that 1 point rather than 0 keeps Lennon just about in his job. And that’s good for us


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They're allowing him to take charge of the Comfort Blanket Cup final and then he's getting the bullet.

I did think it was weird that proven racist Alky McKay gave up a cushy job earlier this week.
I listened to the loony and that’s not what I heard?


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Frank in Haghill is”deluded and defiant” according to Keevins. He’s got Aberdeen to win 3-1 tomorrow and talks about it as though it’s already happened.
His carers will need to keep a close eye on him when reality sets in.

People like that worry me, care in the community obviously not working!


The league is slipping away, do it now or forever hold your peace. (Thats sack lennon :D)
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