Tims drop 2 points - all comments in here


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The septic-minded in the media are howling at the moon because they have grown accustomed to them strolling the league every year but the induced crisis is partly designed in the hope we become complacent.
On paper, we are effectively only two points in front if they win their games in hand. I wouldn't swap positions with them but neither would I think the race was lost .
We need to stay focused, ignore the background noise and continue to take care of our business on the park with another 3 points today.

They have one game in hand just now and we are 8 points clear.

If we win today, they will have two in hand and we will be 11 clear.


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The notable thing about yesterdays game, apart from the result, was that Hibs played absolutely pish, it was still 2 - 2 and they could have and should have won.


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Win our next 8 league games and even if celtic don't drop any until the old firm game we will still be 17 points ahead.


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People pointing out their next lump of fixtures look relatively easy. They are never easy when you are under severe pressure which they are at the moment, and even more so should we win today.
Major doubts will be creeping in and that will breed nerves.
They are there for the taking.
We’ve just got to focus on ourselves and keep winning. Even if we win today they will be thinking, win games in hand and that’s only five points adrift with Old Firm games to come. How do I know?, because I was thinking the same last season. One game at a time.


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Agreeing with this, followed their results against Aberdeen, and hibs today, the sheep and hibs should both have won, seem to shite themselves at beating the tarriers, then don't!!! dodgy as fk.
Right celtics equaliser Aberdeen are denied a blatant free kick and the Celtic penalty the hibs playes arm is by his side so it shouldn't of been a pen plus the one hibs were denied of Ajer. Decisions change games and they've had two in those games


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“Nothing to say”??

Like Hugh has “nothing to say” about the the CSA crimes that took place for decades at Celtic. A time when he was an old-school journalist who’s stock in trade was to have his ear to the ground about rumours etc. A time when he was best pals with Tommy Burns who was a defender of a convicted abuser.


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That’s going to come back and bite him big style as others will drift from the rules and I’m sure he will change his rant
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