Tims drop 2 points - all comments in here


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What a absolutely despicable man that’s not journalism in any way shape or form
Just remember the double standards of the bitter, despicable old qunt when he tells his bosses at RC he’d resign if they allow septics CSA stuff to be discussed hiding behind an “its a football show” mantra.
It’d appear his column isn’t only a football column.


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There’ll be no dinner reservations for any of them in town after the game with Livingston, that’s for sure.

But the jury who will sit in judgement of them at Hampden must deliver a sentence that is proportionate and doesn’t pander to any among the political class who are looking for the equivalent of a public flogging.

The governing body of our game needs to govern and not grovel when they explore their options, ranging from two-game bans to a maximum eight-game suspension.

Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes was right to point out that there have been high-profile offenders within public life who have breached Covid-19 protocols – but they did not face the same witch-hunt of the kind that he feels his players have been subjected to.

Safeguarding public health is undeniably crucial and the manager’s players should show a proper level of contrition.

Better than they did when they signed an apology while only using their first names as if it was a birthday card.

Suspension as a consequence of having brought the game into disrepute is unavoidable.

Savage sentencing to suit the need for human sacrifices on the altar of public disapproval is, on the other hand, to be avoided.

The above is part of his article the week of Bolongolis visit to the "transactional girlfriend" in Spain and the Aberdeen 8. Notice how he has a go at people who were up in arms. Yet look at his comments today. Todays article is blinded by hatred. He should be sacked in the morning.

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Honestly had to re read that a few times to genuinely believe it. That utterly disgusting. To think there are absolute bellends on here who defend him as well. They are incapable of being decent people when things go against them. This better be the end of the horrible bitter auld bigot. We all know what he knew as well.

Hurricane Run

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“Nothing to say”??

Like Hugh has “nothing to say” about the the CSA crimes that took place for decades at Celtic. A time when he was an old-school journalist who’s stock in trade was to have his ear to the ground about rumours etc. A time when he was best pals with Tommy Burns who was a defender of a convicted abuser.

Absolutely spot on mate. There is no danger he wasnt at the very least aware of the rumours and id wager he knew a great deal more than that, given his closeness to the club and Burns in particular.

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It’s not just the pressure, nerves, fear etc. that they are now feeling. It’s also the fact they actually need to bust a gut every game now to make absolutely sure they get the 3 points. They can’t just swan onto the park thinking it doesn’t mater if they drop points. They need to do hard graft and it doesn’t look like they have the mentality for it.
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