Tims re-sing Mohamed Elyounoussi on another loan.

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Considering 2 goals and 2 assists came in the one game against the spoon burners, and also include a couple against the mighty ross county, the stats he put up last season are genuinely nothing to fear. Have seen a fair few of them being unsure about this on social media. Raw stats like goals and assists are pretty arbitrary when it comes to analysing a player.
Also wasn't the team of the year a hijacked public vote?

Shengus Malengus

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He was an absolute joke figure with Southampton fans, earning the nickname Eluseless.
Half of FF shiting their trolleys over him too. Unreal.

More of the same Celtc, please.


If fit he is probably the best winger they have at that club. Showed glimpses of why he got his move to the epl before injury.


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Wouldn’t even know the fucker if he walked by in the street such is my knowledge of half their players


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If he was that good Southampton wouldn’t be letting him away on another loan

Similar situation to Hagi however nobody else seems interested in this guy. There’s definitely a reason Southampton are happy to punt him out on loan again.

Sure he’ll score a goal or two in the SPL but he was anonymous against us.

Papa Bear

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He had 13 goal contributions in 20 games

Compare that with Ryan Kent who had 12 in 33

He's a good player but hopefully the injury issues he had last year become a permanent issue for him.
Stats don't tell the true picture. He had a purple patch of about five games and was pretty shite the rest of the time. Pretty sure he had five goal involvements in one game when they skelped Hearts or something.


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The tarriers want forster then they will have to cough up 10mil as he's wanted by other prem clubs who will pay 10mil


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Posters falling over themselves to say how good a tarrier loan signing is, while on other threads Morelos get's slagged off.

I think I remember the Southampton guy starting a match against us and was hauled off at half time as he was sh*te??
That was the cup final, he was playing with s broken toe apparently


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He simply couldn't cope with Tav's surges forward and Lennon was going mental at him.

Tav was causing absolute havoc down the right and Lennon hooked him because of that.

He'll do absolutely nothing against us.
You’ll have Bears queuing up to say how he was injured in that game and it wasn’t his true showing.


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Decent player to be fair, but I think his lack of being arsed at anything going backwards is why Southampton chucked him.

Will probably get 8-10 goals and/or assists for them next season.

I said earlier last week, but I think we will also need to really exploit the loan market in the current conditions.


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Didn’t show anything in the games against us
He was very quiet in both league games but I think he’s also a very good player when 100%.

I’ll be watching with interest to see who they have in goals and also if they keep hold of Edouard. Haven’t seen anything in the way of rumours about him but he would be money they can’t refuse when they get pumped out the CL qualifiers again.


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We sign a loaned player on a reasonably cheap deal

Where are they getting the money from?

Despite a euro run and high season ticket sales

Yahoos resign a loanee
Where are the cries of "what happened to the kerjillions you told us you had?"


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Surprised he’s ended up back with them. Surely Southampton would’ve wanted to sell him rather than punt him back to Scottish football for another year Resale value must be plummeting


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Kent didn't go by him once before he got sent off. All our chances came down their left side.
All of our chances came down the left you say? Here are the highlights of the game, and a list of our chances shown on it until he got sent off. 9 chances - 7 of them you can put down to his pish defending.

1. Jack shot from distance - Frimpong didn't deal with it properly and let Kent go who then set Jack up for the shot.
2. Morelos got in behind Frimpong. Got the shot away - through Frimpong's legs no less!
3. Morelos chance down the right. Frimpong nowhere to be seen.
4. Interplay around the right side of the box. Not involving Frimpong.
5. Cross from deep wide on the right. Morleos in at the back post behind Frimpong, shot saved. Look at his positioning at 2:58 and where Morelos is getting in.
6. 3:15 in, Morelos beats Frimpong squares it to Arfield who can't connect before Forster takes it off Aribo's toe.
7. FK from the right side. Morelos in at the back post, header downwards, guess who doesn't track him properly or jump.
8. Kent with a lovely first time ball down the line to Arfield - Frimpong in no mans land. Nobody on the end of the cross.
9. Ball won back in their half, played into the box Frimpong gives away the foul, gets sent off.
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