Toasting #55 – What Are You Having?


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I’ve a bottle of Blue Label which will be getting cracked and finished when we clinch it.

homeschool can suck a dick the following day


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Just ordered some celebratory beer


The Dude

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A 2012 vintage to enjoy and empty then smash the bottle in the recycling bin, to signify the end of the shit that began back then. Oh and the price is incredibly relevant too (Edit: £55 for those who don’t click the link): (PS I have no links to this company, just thought it was apt)
I spotted that in Tesco the other day. Think I'll pick one up on Friday.


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I won an unusual bottle of Lauders 25 year old blended malt 3 years ago. I've left it untouched whilst numerous other whiskies have been bought and evaporated. This would seem an appropriate time.

Number 4

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Also worth noting that a champagne tower, 5x5 glasses at the bottom, will total 55 glasses.

Its getting done!


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Bought 2 bottles of the Number 3 Rangers whisky from Douglas Laing, one for the collection and one for cracking open when 55 arrives with my auld man. A special toast to my late Granda who will be looking down, grinning from ear to ear.

Also got a bottle of MD Tarrier Tears to neck as well B-D


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I'll buy myself some Champagne and/or a nice bottle of Bourbon.

The problem is that mixing the two is absolutely deadly.


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If we’re winning it at the piggery,, I’ll be on the beers from early doors and maybe the odd dram later in the day


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Couple of bottles of champagne we got years ago have been sitting around. I can see them getting opened - wife might not be chuffed though.

Might order some slabs of assorted ciders and gluten free beers as well - that said, title could be clinched before next payday.


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Nothing quite as fancy as some of the drinks mentioned but got given one of those Rangers vodkas from Costco as a wee Christmas gift from the in-laws about 4 years ago. Made a deal with my Bro in law (who also got it that Christmas) that we would open it when we win the league again!

William 111

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Iv hot 2 bottles of Don pom and 2 bottles of Johnny walker blue label the champers will get done first then the lovely blue label