Toasting #55 – What Are You Having?


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I was given a large bottle of champagne when I got married 6 yrs ago, neither myself or the wife are big champagne drinkers, I Said then it will be kept for us winning the league and that's what zi intend to do.


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A 2012 vintage to enjoy and empty then smash the bottle in the recycling bin, to signify the end of the shit that began back then. Oh and the price is incredibly relevant too (Edit: £55 for those who don’t click the link): (PS I have no links to this company, just thought it was apt)
Laithwaites are advertising a "Champions case" why have one bottle when you can have a whole case. Obviously been released by them in honour of the famous.

Lainey Love

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The Sassenach Blended Scotch Whisky

My brother bought me this for my 60th, I told him I won’t open it until we have clinched the title

Swindon Gers

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Not going over the top, but I’ve bought a bottle of Heidseick ‘Blue Top’ Monopole Champagne which is being saved for when we win the league. One more match, and it’ll be going in the fridge either way....
I’ve a bottle of the same, deliberately bought an extra one at Christmas just for this moment, it’s going to taste so, so good, enjoy when the time arrives mate, not long now.


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I've a bottle of champagne in the fridge and a bottles of amoruso and numan gin. With time booked off from work


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Deal from Sainsbury’s for 9-13 March.
25% off 6 bottles of champagne.
(wine and Prosecco too, over £7 a bottle).


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Just tried to order some of this online but sold out everywhere :eek:
Seems to be sold out in the UK now (wonder why :))) and apparently no longer available from Spirited Union direct. They still do a "Spice and Sea Salt" Rum in a very similar bottle but rebranded and the "55" is gone from the name :(.

Still available from some outlets on the continent but the question is whether or not you'd be ok ordering from them and at what price.


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I will turn up at my old mans back garden with 2 glasses and a bottle of my finest malt in hand. Hes 84 and has only given up his ST last year as he was struggling with the walk up to the stadium. Added to being unable to see him much due to covid its going to be a sweet moment. After that im going to party like theres no tomorrow with my 2 sons.


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This for me:

As well as copious amounts of Bud Light (as that’s what I was drinking in America when we last won the league – and it’ll keep me sober for the post-match celebrations) and then champagne and anything else I fancy.

Might open my bottle of this, too:

Porto Loyal

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I have a bottle of Celtic whisky (one of the presentation bottles they produce for each home European tie, this one v Barcelona when they won) - i'll either drink it or sell it to a Tim for a silly amount of money


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Might have a few Jack Daniels, Not usually much of a drinker, Will have a joint of my 2 year old, Cured hashish.