Tommy Sheridan strikes again.


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I listened to the whole show, dear god I would seriously be having words with any of the Rangers pods if they allowed someone to rant as bad as that.
Even poor Rod got it for bowing before the Queen during one rant.

When we beat them at New Year they will be full on civil war with each other.
He definitely had to hold himself back from calling us huns at one point. I'm ex pollok boy and Sheridan's team at one point was definitely Rangers.


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Thurs been an attempted Sevco
Somebody phone the Biscuit ( Tin )
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i am sure he a story about walking into the jungle as a boy etc

and someone who knew him said it was bollocks basically as he liked Rangers when younger

compulsive liar

Hap Hapablap

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Comrade Thomas has been economical with the truth his whole life.
A bandwagon jumping shameless charlatan is being kind to him.

Has never got his hands properly dirty in his whole life, metaphorically and literally speaking. A mouthpiece who had his back slapped a wee bit in the 80's by the many hoodwinked who seen him as some sort of Robin Hood figure.

Tommy is only concerned about the welfare of Tommy himself, always has been. His acquaintances will say the same about him.

And don't be fooled by all this recent Celtic Lenny Broony pish, he gives not one fluffy fuk about Celtic and is playing to the galleries.

An absolute abomination of a man.


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Canny stand Sheridan

A total Tarrier imposter who for years denied being a Shellick fan that’s how loyal and committed he is to ra Shellick

Guy is an embarrassment and a fraud

A champagne and bought house socialist who is a deviant cuunt
I sent this to a Tim I know, his reply "that C.. t, is a agent of the Crown"


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He definitely had to hold himself back from calling us huns at one point. I'm ex pollok boy and Sheridan's team at one point was definitely Rangers.

Someone posted a clip out paper where he was sayin he was a Rangers fan.

Jump the dykes are always the worst try harder to prove their loyalty which means trying to show how much they hate the huns.

Wish someone would just smash sheridans face do us all a favour


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I never realised he was being taken seriously
This has knocked me for six too.
The guy is a walking talking cliche.
If he was a Rangers fan I’d be embarrassed to be associated with him, but these crackpots invite him to contribute to a podcast as if he’s some sort of knowledgeable guru!

It’s been said a lot over the last few weeks, but it’s true. They really are not normal people


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I just watched this and it was absolutely brilliant, Tommy is a cock but its just lovely to feed off his pain.


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that should be passed to police Scotland under hate crime .his comments to the board members being unionist was utter embarrassing. guys has got a screw missing