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Given he plays in league 1 I doubt tonight’s result will sway him either way. He would obviously like them to go up but it won’t be the be all at this stage.


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Do we think Toney will still end up at Brentford given the result tonight? As it stands that is ...
I actually think with Brentford down theres more chance he might go there. If they got EPL he may not get game time. They can offer players a similar pathway. Play well and and we will sell you for £20m to the prem

Mr Wilton

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Never really understood the hype with Toney.
He seems a bit of a journeyman, hard to know given it’s league 1. I’d imagine he’d rather in the EPL/Championship than in Scotland. Unless of course Gerrard asked!!!


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He will probably still go to Brentford, they will move a few players on and invest in new players again


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I think he will still go to Brentford, they will sell a couple of players for big money this summer, like benarahma and Watkins. So they will probably still have money to spend.


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Yes, them being in the Championship should make the move more appealing for him to my mind. More likely to play first-team regularly whilst also still move up the pyramid.


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0 concerns if they sign Toney anyway and I’d rather they sold Edouard and replaced him with Toney. Greg Docherty shone in league 1 the standard is pretty poor down there.


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Brentford will probably sell Watkins and replace Toney with him

can't see Watkins wanting to stay in a division where he's scored 25+ goals in it
Mega impressed with Watkins in the last few weeks since lockdown got lifted. Shows the talent to be found in the lower leagues in England if you look hard enough.

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Never really understood the hype with Toney.
He’s decent but he does come with a lot of hype; mainly from the outspoken Peterborough owner.

Players from that level go for big money and rarely justify the price tag:- Britt Assombalonga, Scott Hogan, Benik Afobe etc


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Hey, look at that yoyo
Toney for nothing, get your chips for free

edit: we'd be in dire straits if we signed him


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The hype about a guy who plays for Peterborough in League 1 is ridiculous imo. Decent player but £10m+? No danger.


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Tarriers over a barrel after being publicly outed for being penny pincher bastards over the deal

They'll splash the cash to land him.

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They had a bid accepted already didn’t they? He’d be jumping from mid table League 1 to top 6 Chsmpionship- quite a jump and he gets to stay put in London.
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