Took me back to my youth seeing this, didn't realise she was still here

Alex Boyce

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There was also 2 vehicular tunnels below the pedestrian tunnel, that closed around about WWII. These were filled in for the Garden Festival in 1988. The pedestrian tunnel is still there as it has the water main, but access only for inspection. You used to hear the rats scurrying about behind the water pipe when you walked through.
So the Tim's used it too!

Beer Belly Loyal

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Such happy days as a boy and a youth getting the ferry to Ibrox . No 6 was the old Yorkhill ferry and not big Fil's boat in the front of the image( just in case the young bears were curious)
That's an 8 M8 :p


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I started a thread on the previous board on this subject and the general opinion was that they’d stopped before my last journey on them.
I know I’m right though.
I was still at school and Joe Craig scored the winner against us in a midweek game at Ibrox.
I only ever used that wee ferry when the subway was being modernised. You boarded at Kai's pub on the Govan side. So whatever dates the subway was being modernised that ferry was sill running.
Well played ML.