Totally weird things that have happened at the football


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Saw an old man get hit in the face by a massive flying block of ice last season at Cowdenbeath away.

Possibly the most horrible but funniest thing I’ve ever seen, he kept stumbling as if he was going to fall on his arse but never quite did, he was taken away at halftime and he never came back for the second half.

I was the only one that saw it fly directly from the back of the terrace down to the very front (where the barrier thing is) and it was an absolutely perfect hit, as it was flying the old guy turned around at the last second to face the terrace and it cracked him right on the nose.

Definitely my most interesting football memory.
Funny but hopefully he was ok


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My two daughters first game at Ibrox we drew 2-2 with dolly. Anway, I went for juice or whatever for the girls, and in the meantime the sheep scored.

I take my seat again and the wife is pishing herself, I ask what's funny and she tells me my youngest stood up and cheered when they had scored, she was only 7 at the time. Now you couldn't meet a bigger Bluenose haha
A learning curve ha ha


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scotland playing Jamaica and the Jamaicans gate money was allegedlly to be paid to the Jamaican FA heads personal account

Archibald Leitch

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January 1987, we're at home to Accies in the Cup (yes that game!).
A few weeks before, I'd had a quite a vivid dream/nightmare that we'd lost 0-1 at home in our first game in the Cup.
I told the guys at work at the time and one asked me who we were playing. I wasn't sure but said I thought it might be Partick Thistle.
The day before the game, the Bears at work were joking (I hoped) about what they were gonna do to me if we lost. Someone said there was nothing to worry about as we were playing Accies, not Thistle.
So I'm at the game with two mates, up in the Main Stand, when just before kick-off, who come walking up the stairs but almost the entire Thistle squad. Their game at Motherwell had been called off and Derek Johnstone, who was their player-manager at the time, had brought them to Ibrox.
I said to my mates I was off to the bookies and they told me to sit down and don't be daft.
Got dog's abuse when I got back to work on the Monday.

Kilwinning GMan

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Home game v Hibs mid 80’s and my wee mate was coming back to his seat with a bovril and stumbled and this big solitary drop scalding hot bovril came out the cup and went straight down the crack of the arse of the fat guy who was sitting in front of him who was leaning forward in his seat. What a fkn roar the big fella let out! So difficult to try an no pish yersel laughing but genuinely thought the big guy was gonay murder ma mate.


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Anything that gives us a wee laugh in these strange times.

Here's mine.

From the early eighties and only a few hundred people at the most would have witnessed this but this is straight up.

Was outside Ibrox this day in the winter and it was frosty and Baltic and Ibrox had only had undersoil heating put in not long before.
Only a run of the mill league game and at that time crowds were only about 20 000 so me and my mates decided to go in early about 2.30 and get Bovril to warm us up. As we walked up the steps into the East Enclosure we could hear booing echoing around the ground from the few folk who must have been in early and we thought maybe there was a fight among punters or something but when we reached the top of the steps I asked someone what the score was and he said to look at the pitch. The undersoil heating hadn't worked properly and had left green and white stripes across the pitch so folk were booing the pitch.
A unique occurrence that could only happen at Ibrox.
Definitely a unident.
Brilliant story !!!


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It didn't happen at football per se, but returning from my first OF match. I was sat at a window seat in a 52 seater, next thing a block of ice the about the size of my head crashed into the window. Lucky the window didnt smash, but jeez did I get a fright. Said ice was launched from a white van. Utterly strange at the time, but I imagine it was done so there would be no evidence if more damage had been done.


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At Hampden years ago watching a queens park game. Nil nil. Till the last minute when the keeper lets in a daisy cutter. Only one lad in the old covered Rangers end right up the back. Walks all the way down to the goal , shouts your nothing but shite keeper and then all the way back up. So few in , you could hear every individual chant.


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That Elgin fan having a rave was weird

Fenerbachce fans given me the throat slit gesture for the full 90 minutes was quite weird and intense to be fair.


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At a European game at Ibrox against a Norwegian side, with my brother, son and nephew. In the east enclosure right at the front / pitch side. The Norwegian subs are having a bit of a leg stretch and warm up and the pissed-up zumer next to me starts giving them abuse by shouting " Oi, Hagar the Horrible is a wanker" then backs that up with " Eric the Red was poof". I said "well that certainly told him, that will have put him right off his game." I could hardly concentrate on the rest of the game for laughing. When we won the guy turns to me and said "worked didn't it"


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That ceptic fan swan diving from the top tier when we clinched the title at paedo paradise was definitely some weird shit. Although I did once see an older guy get whacked with the ball causing his false teeth to fly out and land in some cųnts bovril.

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John Brown throwing the physios bag off the pitch, it opens up and the contents end up all over the place.
Was just about to post same. I’m sure it was a mid week game but can’t remember the opposition. The sight of bandages strewn all over the touchline and the physio trying to pick them all up was comedy!

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
Remember some fanny cuffing himself to the post during a European game. Was absolutely freezing that night n’all