Traffic Warning for tomorrow night

Thornwood roundabout is at a standstill the now with people trying to get through the tunnel. Big qeues on Dumbarton Road.
Few idiots posting on Twitter that the game is off, this is how the rumours start, folk retweet and it snowballs from there.
Queues for the tunnel from Dumbarton road are busy now. Last few nights have been ok, but weathers fucked that tonight
The roads are flooding especially at dumbrek train station any bears going to the game be careful
A few minutes shy of two hours for us from Oxgangs to Nithsdale Road. Flooding is mad - got to drive on the pavement to get through the flood on the bridge at Dumbreck station!
I‘m also in Wales and decided to seatsub my ticket for the Ross County game and give it a miss. Travel will obviously be challenging. I was planning to drive originally but canned that idea given cop26 chaos. When I fly up I usually get the subway back into town then jump on the airport express bus which is a pretty regular, reliable and quick service. I’m not sure it will be as smooth that day though. I‘ve no alternative suggestions other than the usual Uber or taxi route. Perhaps a train to Paisley then jump in a cab if the city centre roads are at a standstill?

For tomorrow nights game, I’d love to be there to pay my respects to Walter but will have to do so from home. Bears able to get to Ibrox will definitely need to travel early.
Yes on my rare visits i fly from Bristol and get the subway etc.Travel has been difficult this season this was going to be my first game,prob gonna have to miss it and lose the cash.Where in Wales do you come from?
Im flying from Bristol tomorrow and getting into the airport at 5:30 ish so hoping I get into town ok. Ross county I am driving back to Wales as the flights were no use and driving seemed easier.
Are you driving back to Wales after the Ross game?
Corkerhill Rd flooding as is Dumbreck Rd near the lights at the motorway. Nithsdale Rd not too clever either. All currently passable but Nithsdale Rd is a drive on the pavement job at the bridge!
Just gone over the bridge at the station. It’s pretty deep. People driving down the pavement to avoid the worst of it. But watch out there’s a big rock on the pavement on the other side to the station
Couldn’t they have done the whole cop26 on zoom and saved everybody flying all over the world plus inconvenience to locals. Absolute joke
Trains cancelled and delayed in both directions on the central low level line. Making kick off could be a challenge.
I've had to give up due to train cancellations. Gutted about missing it.
50 minutes to get here from Irvine. Would normally go onto the M8 but the traffic seems to be terrible that way so I just took the ‘Barrhead’ Road. Traffic was fine but there was some terrible flooding at various points.
3 hours from Fife to Ibrox. M8 slow moving from newbridge through to Newhouse then m74 fucked from daldowie through to kinning park.

Way home was fine, scooshed govan road and PRW