Tragic scene at Celtic Park today


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"We want to be loved, please love us too?".
In the world cringinest awards, this has to be the favourite in the category of "Vacuous Self Regarding". We are NOT like them, thank goodness for that.


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Is that not John Hartson behind the mhank in the hat wondering if he is at the right match because of the Arsenal tap?

Ryan mcgregor

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It has to some sort of mental disorder nothing else would explain that to quote old Sigmund From error to error one discovers the entire truth.

The truth being they are demented and lacking in self-respect or love.


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I don’t think much of the training programme Arsenal have Tierney on, maybe he misunderstood when they said he’ll need a protective layer for his dodgy hips


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I got a Blackburn top with Ferguson on it :cool:

I was 14 to be fair, and not sure I’d have worn it at Ibrox.


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I'll square go any prick that is spotted wearing a Josh Windass Wigan kit at Ibrox!

That is beyond parody