Trainee Priest in Bigotry Shocker


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TMTBCT can be a bit rambling at times but those twitter comments are actually astounding. You wouldn’t expect them from some scheme rat as opposed to a supposed man of the cloth.
What a scumbag.
As well as being fuelled purely by hatred, this guy comes across as rather simpleminded


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sounds like a guy who's tried too hard to be cool and act like the ultimate celtic man but imo he's joining the priesthood to pretend he's not gay. nothing wrong with being gay but better off being honest than act like the ultimate tim


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Is it not the case that the thick child in their 10 strong brood gets sent to the priesthood? Fair enough finding the thickest with their education system must be a challenge

wee bud's pit boots

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There’s more religion in my dog than that. The bigotry is only surpassed by the foul language, for a supposed man of religion.

If that was a Protestant clergyman the MSM would be jumping all over that so it’ll be “interesting” to see what comes up. Given that there was the furore about a wedding couple singing not so long ago that I put a thread on about, he’s fair game is he not?

1991 - Trevor Steven is stretchered off at the scum hut in the SC.

Clock the patrons in and around the dug outs wishing him well.


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What came first, the paedophile or the priest??

The fat cvnt is bitter and twisted cos the cardinals have left his arsehole like a blood orange. Makes him feel better to direct his anger at bluenoses...fvck him!


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I honestly believe. It's not us who are the bigots in the West of Scotland. Most prods are sadly pretty liberal. You'll find a 100 tim kids shouting "up the ra" before you'd a young prod shouting UVF. Hatred of the Queen/Union/Rangers/The OO is much open,deeper and visceral than hate of the pope/the tims. They can't contain themselves.

yosser hughes

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West of Scotland tarriers are a cult like no other.
Avoid them at all costs if possible.
yup, the donegal shower are a special breed indeed, a hatred of the country and its host population ,who took them them in,in their our of need ,and our repayment ,a separate education system and relentless bigotry and trouble making,c@nts to a man and woman that f@cking shower


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Jesus Christ that’s genuinely shocking . Hope he gets the chap on the door for his sectarian bile and hatred .
He's probably had his back door chapped quite a few times by father o'toole, which is why he's decided to be a fully fledged member of the world's most evil cult.