Tramps heading to George Square


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That’s as tinpot as you can get! Playing all the songs we played last season, and trying desperately to organise a gathering at George Square. They were arranging to meet up in Merchant City where all their new Republican slophouses are. I know that from the rattlers in my work, and they had around the 2000 number going.

They give a %^*& that much about this title, that they can’t even arrange to have a mass gathering without trying to copy the team they claim to hate more than anything.

Tinpot scum rat bastards.


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Live view

They will never admit it, but they know nobody cares



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Probably end up in the Barras and their Irish Bars in Merchant City/Glasgow Cross, can’t see them in George Sq


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A few just got on our train at Polmont telling anyone who'll listen that they're going to the title party, thank %^*& we're getting off at Falkirk.


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Not long until the police and ambulance sirens are blaring in Glasgow city centre and the Barras when they start attacking each other.


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On the bus in Glasgow they are out and about shouting... there a natz event on as well? Few got on the bus

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Passed it about 5 minutes ago and there was about 3 guys and a dug. I imagine it must be hard for them to celebrate with the thought of our game on Wednesday consuming them


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Looks like some sort of indyref tents at George Square?
Yeah I was on my way back down south and walked through George Square on the way to Queen Street at lunchtime and there was some stuff going on with the independence people in the square including live music