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Steve Snedden

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wtf is the Steven Gerrard deflection shield?

When has our manager used sectarian chanting as a tactic for avoiding criticism after defeat?

Hotline caller(or emailer) Neil MacDonald then urges McInnes to talk with Lego or TLB regarding how to deal with the horrendous abuse they receive.

He probably believes it too.

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Patsy McCoist again; McInnes complaint is sour grapes, and he wouldn't have bothered if Aberdeen had been winning. I'm sorry, but a one time hero, now has nothing good to say about our club, but goes along with whatever his media paymasters want to hear.

Blue Steel

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Hartson is a horrible totally biased ambassador for the scum. The sooner 55 comes along and we silence these media pricks like him and Sutton the better. I wouldn't wipe my arse with the "Eveningtims".
When you have one of our greatest ever players being a cheerleader for them ,WTF chance have we got .
They are in a twilight zone get any Celtic minded player/pundit/politician or celebrity to promote the good name of the club(no laughing at the back). Carry on regardless of lying,deceiving and deflecting the despicable behaviour of the whole shower.This
is what will represent our country in Europe again.Should be called out at every turn.