Tuesday's Hotline




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A poor Rangers team :D and D Utd bottled there chances , no mention of the fact we have the best goalie in the league stopping them.:D


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The comparison on Davis and Brown is magnificent.
Was going to post the exact same comment.
As an aside,

Gerrard will not accept anyone in his team who doesn't at least aspire to be as dedicated a professional as he was.

Lennon, well, you can work it out for yourself.


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Predictable narrative - “Poor Ranjurs team“; I’ve been a fan for 70 odd years and this is the worst .....”

Steve Snedden

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I love this poor Rangers /bang average Rangers patter.

We're possibly the best Scottish team since Advocaat was here and let's face it he had a fortune to spend in comparison.

I'd fancy us against Walter's UEFA cup final team and O'Neil's 2003 thugs.

We're building something truly special and it's fantastic that that lot are blinded by their rage.

They never saw us coming and with Lie-well going we could really put some distance between us and them.


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I love the fact that they think we are a poor team, what pish will they peddle next season as they will be in freefall. Really not sure dirty Desomond will pump in the millions that they believe he will.

Govan Ger

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Been waiting ten years for the mentally challengeds to crack up,its been a long time coming but its glorious.


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If it wasn't for all these teams beating Celtic they would have got the 10 in a row.

I suppose they can always just do it next season.


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They'll find out how poor this Rangers side are when they take 3 or 4 off the 10IAR failures and quadrupledoople champions.
The one thing Gerrard hasn't done is hammer them scoreline wise...

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