Tweets that have aged terrifically well


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And some, not so much



The Baron of Renfrew

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A permanent record in the public domain for all to see, so many of the baying hordes and their cohorts in the jhokoland media MSP’s and other high profile people spouting the party line and make believe fairytales and what’s more continue to do so. This season has been massive and being able to ram these by now well documented words back at them makes it even sweeter, enjoy every single moment of this Bearz


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Our fellow posters get it in the neck for getting things wrong. At least they acknowledge it and dont have the audacity to be paid.


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Imagine a guy in his position tweeting about the Rangers manager. What an embarrassment
The fact people vote for him is even more embarrassing. Even worse is 'Ranger's fans' vote for him and his lot.

This is the transport minister that forgot car insurance haha. This guys picture would be next to the word embarrassment in the dictionary.