Two More Signings To Come?

1 of the 2 would be a striker I’d of thought. If we can keep Morelos and get another striker then that would be good. Replacement for Lafferty. Hoping there is still some truth in Andre Gray
Be very difficult to keep all three of Morelos, Gray (or Roofe) and Defoe 'content' I'd suggest. I only see us getting an expensive striker in if its to replace Morelos. Otherwise it will be a loanee or an older, relatively cheap, back-up.


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Would love Andre Gray.

Please let it happen.
Brewster would make a lot of sense despite Klopp stating he wouldn’t be loaned. So far he hasn’t been on loan and has only played with Liverpool youths. Reality is he isn’t going to get as much game time as he needs right now if he stays put. He could come and get 20-30
games with us including europa league, and gets to learn from one of the premier league all time greatest strikers.


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We have Gerrard as manager, I think we still underestimate his ability to persuade players.

Not saying he'll sign but I wouldn't dismiss it so quickly because of apparent interest.
I have no doubt we would be able to convince him to come, but if PL teams are interested then it means there's more of a chance we'll get priced out.

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