Two More Signings To Come?

Valley Bluenose

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1 of the 2 would be a striker I’d of thought. If we can keep Morelos and get another striker then that would be good. Replacement for Lafferty. Hoping there is still some truth in Andre Gray
Be very difficult to keep all three of Morelos, Gray (or Roofe) and Defoe 'content' I'd suggest. I only see us getting an expensive striker in if its to replace Morelos. Otherwise it will be a loanee or an older, relatively cheap, back-up.


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Grigo Yossarian

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It doesn't actually say it's Roofe think that's just speculation
I’ll be very surprised if Steven Gerrard goes into a football season without a striker who can’t hold the ball up. He likes warriors & will want at least one striker who has that skill set imo.
Defoe can’t do it & Roofe doesn’t look that player either.