UEFA have set tone for Rangers, time for SFA and SPFL to follow suit


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We're now a threat to their manky club's ambitions.

This is the angle they're taking to try and stop us.

It's pathetic.

Nevertheless it was predicted by many of us on here.

It ain’t going away but loading their guns for them does make it easier for them.


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The groin brigade could turn out in full para military apparel and the media in this god forsaken shit hole would not utter a single word in condemnation.
Despite their despicable performance at Arsenal against HM Forces, their hanging effigies at the cesspit, their continual support of terrorist organisations, including etc, etc., I can't believe that any less than 5% of tarrier fans would truly support the Kaflic, Media or SNP position ----- Oh -hang on !!!!


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I am sure she will have an article tomorrow about how UEFA and the SFA need to clamp down on things being thrown at players at their dump.


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We just just get it right up the lot of them and come together as fans and make a song book that doesn't offend anyone. Nobody expects us to do that and they all expect the worst from us. We don't need to offend anyone and we can set the standard here. Then when other Scottish teams sing offensive songs we can highlight how good we are and how bad they are.
If our goal is to gain the approval of the press and politicians, the only way we can achieve that is by padlocking Ibrox stadium and never playing again.

That is the only thing we can do to make them happy.


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For Rangers. Not for anti-social behaviour, sectarianism, or other misdemeanours but for Rangers!


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Most of us have sung all of the songs and at times have participated in all of the add ons. We sing FTP but most of us couldn’t care less, we sing fenian bastards and again most of us couldn’t care less. Most of us have probably got catholic friends.

Society has caught up with us. It seems to me we have to decide what’s more important. Our club or our freedom to sing what we want. For me, as I never really believed in the sentiment of our more extreme songs, it’s an easy decision.

Grigo Yossarian

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What a load of absolute shite. Stopped reading after the first few lines. I despise this backwater country under SNP. This is what you are up against.

Meanwhile the taigs might aswell attend the matches in full regalia, parkheads a provofest every week yet we hear %^*& all about it.

They can sing about British soldiers, Orange bastards and the rest of it, yet it is us who need contained?
Objects thrown onto the park v Hearts & Cluj.

Their repertoire at Motherwell.

Fucking scum, club & fans.


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Nevertheless it was predicted by many of us on here.

It ain’t going away but loading their guns for them does make it easier for them.
It was talked about at length on a thread in the close season.

The Scottish media are the boy that cried wolf on this. While at the same time they ignore assaults on players, coin throwing, hanging of effigies, glorifying of terrorism and systematic child abuse.

Shouldn't be taken seriously but they are for some reason.