Unbelievable quote from lennon


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This is honestly perfect timing for us,this wi rat wil start throwing his players under a bus,Wouldnt be surprised if the 2 French cunts to ask to leave very shortly...... roll on the 1st of September

Mr Goodbear

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He is running scared. Spends a LOT of his time in a known boozer the night before matches whereas Gerrard is much more professional and looks the part on match days.


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It's all the balloons fault he picked one of his better midfielders to play left back and kept his new 7 million dud to sit on the bench. He also clearly admits that his team needed to have two clear goals and left his team wide open. It couldn't be happier in their misery

Swindon Gers

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When you look at this numpty I’m so glad we’ve got an all round gentleman like Steven Gerrard as our manager, popcorn teeth doesn’t come anywhere close to him as a human being, %^*& him and %^*& his rancid club


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He's lost it.

While he is thoroughly unlikeable I will concede he did well in his first stint. Turned it around after the Deila calamity. And they did beat Barcelona in champions league.

But LB 2019, just seems very timid.

It seems all the pieces are falling into place not just for #55 but for a long period of domination.