Union Bears “Champions” Video.


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Was this what the players drove past on Wednesday? Didn't see the video's as I was working. Superb regardless.


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That looks great, play play to all the lads for always staying positive throughout the years and giving us some great new songs and great atmospheres along with quality content like this.

Can't wait to see (and hear) them along with everyone else at Ibrox.


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That looked impressive.

I honestly hope in the not too distant future we are able to experience a Champions League night at a jam packed Ibrox while Gerrard is still manager.

I know the determination of the fans has never once wavered but I just feel there is an energy and buzz flowing throughout that is going to blow the roof of our stadium when it finally opens to a full house.


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Does that say “ kill all huns “ above it ? Should’ve removed that first and foremost surely ?

Union bears are a credit to our club though, superb the artwork and displays and colour they bring to our city . I just wish the club would give them the whole BF and not just that daft wee tiny corner .

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The fireworks on Wednesday, now this from last night. makes you wonder what they have planned for tomorrow. It's going to be unreal.