Union Bears Statement on UEFA's decision

stonewall Jackson

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As someone who has a foot in both camps I get that on many issues the fan base would like more aggressive reactions over some issues (Kilmarnock for example). I get that and feed that back. On this issue the club couldn’t take a defensive stance.

But on this one the club couldn’t have been more clear and my immediate concern is over Thursday. The board can’t fight their way out of this. they can’t argue away a stadium closure if the worst happens on Thursday. That is why I am focused on this point and I believe we all should be over the next few days.
This about sums up the situation.


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Why are we still debating this, everyone with a bit of common sense knows what add on or songs should not be sung, the UB has been a great influence on the atmosphere at Ibrox, but the Club has given clear warning that the 'bad' songs will not be tolerated.
If the support as a whole, not just the UB do not conform to the Clubs wishes then the ultimate power is with the Club. I have no doubt ST would be withdrawn.
When push comes to shove, practically every fan will back the Board.
So every fan no matter where they sit should realise that there is no debate about this, play the rules or leave ( I hope you all decide to play the rules and stay)
We have, in my opinion, the best fans in the world. Let's prove it
Fully agree - I bet you dinosaurs never ever thought they would become extinct.

Craig McColl

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Without the distorted information from FARE, where do we fail article 14?
What's distorted about it?UEFA decided years ago with the help of politicians and journalists from Scotland that fenian was a derogatory term for all Catholics.Wrongly imo shamefully so but that's what they see it as.Fans sang the super Rangers song and a brief BB. Songs that as far as UEFA are concerned have derogatory lines about Catholics.That's the facts.


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An automatic ban?

I genuinely can't see Thursday being naughty song free, was over for Progres and the amount of drunk morons singing was a lot.

And I was nowhere near the UB.
It's in the regulations

a. a second offence is punished with one match played behind closed doors and
a fine of € 50,000;

b. any subsequent offence is punished with more than one match behind closed
doors, a stadium closure, the forfeiting of a match, the deduction of points
and/or disqualification from the competition.

LOL 133

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We were reported by FARE for singing Build My Gallows in Eindhoven.
Yet we have many posters on here claiming we all know which songs shouldnt be sung. That's not the case. FARE can claim racism and sectarianism for many songs that fans quite innocently believe are fine. I expect the Sash and Derry's Walls to land is in hot water sooner or later.

Just saying dont sing bad songs wont work.


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Sing what we want in clubs, sing what we want in pubs, sing what we want at home but its clear we cannot sing what we want in a football stadium as all we will do is hurt the club we love.
There is no doubt we are a marked club so we have to be smart and cut out the offending songs.


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The club have made them the scapegoats

Let’s face it, the powers that be at Ibrox have an axe to grind with The UB. Yes they were implicit in the chanting but to basically single them out is wrong imo. It was the easy choice


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A free pass? We are closing off 3000 sests on Thursday night!
Completely aware of that.
There have been 5 games played in the competition since this charge.
I assumed on totting up it would be stadium closed for any songs reported during those 5 games.
Hope that clears it up.

tottie beck

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I have been 100% behind the board until now. Their scapegoating of the UB and failure to stand up to this hounding by UEFA & FARE is cowardly at best. There was no challenge to the ruling, especially the racist part, no demand for clarification, no attempt to defend how wonderful our supporters have behaved all over Europe. The board have just bent over and taken it once again. I acknowledge the problem originated with Murray but if King and Co. are Rangers men they should realize this is a war on our club and support and instead of hanging supporters out to dry start to support them. Gerrard asked for full support on Thursday from the entire ground from start to finish. By banning the UB the board have ensured that will not happen and have removed the one section of our support capable and willing to “bring the noise” Gerrard desperately wanted. In their eagerness to appease, the board have shot themselves in the foot, I only hope it doesn’t cost us.

The Crimson King

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Yes. If there are songs reported it’s the next stage. That’s how serious this is.
It absolutely terrifies me that people cannot see the gravity of this and think the club going against FARE is an option here. UEFA do not care. Calls for parity right now are a scream into the void. If people cannot grasp this everything we have worked to rebuild over the last 8 years could be destroyed.


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Because they are primarily liable for the Billy Boys in the European game.

A rudderless group of young supporters who have grand designs on themselves.
So they are not liable for 40,000 singing the Billy boys.
Or are these young guys with grand designes controlling fully grown men and women?
Can we make our mind up ?


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So they are not liable for 40,000 singing the Billy boys.
Or are these young guys with grand designes controlling fully grown men and women?
Can we make our mind up ?
40,000 weren't singing it at that game.

I agree with the action the Board has taken. An area has to take a hit, and that area has to be BF1. It's a no brainer.

Greg Marshall

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And we’ve took away the tickets from the guys who do more to promote old Rangers songs than anyone else and realise the position were in now.

And ibrox will now be full off pissed up Euro day trippers

Crazy stuff.
The club took the tickets off the section who committed the crime. Some may think it’s unfair that all in the area were punished for the actions of a few but surely we can agree it’s appropriate that the section the charge came from should bear the brunt of the punishment. If not then there is zero accountability for our actions.


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I personally am fully behind the Union Bears and think the way they are being demonised is absolute disgrace. They need to box more clever, that isn't up for debate, but to pin everything on them is just plain wrong. Our enemies want us to turn on each other, they're getting exactly what they want at the moment.

Bannockburn Bear

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The UB aren't the biggest danger to the club.Some of the absolute hysterical rubbish on here in the last 48 hours has been something else.The UB joined in or started depending on what you believe and certainly weren't alone ,if they started it they won't do it again I'm 100% sure of that.All the bed wetters that want nothing other than football songs even if the traditional songs aren't offensive want the group that's brought more actual new songs about Rangers to the songbook than any other group banned.It's fucking ridiculous some of the crap being spouted.
Folk like you seem to be the biggest danger to the club, at least the UB can collectively be dealt with.

People dotted around the stadium that aren’t willing to accept that this type of behaviour is unwanted, out of date and harming the club are a bigger threat IMO.