Union SG lost 3 - 0 tonight.

Trying so hard not to disrespect them but that would have been a seriously different result the other night if we properly turned up. I still believe that if the real Rangers turn up this week with the stadium absolutely bouncing anything is possible.
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Couple more goals and few injuries please.
To be fair every chance they got one eye on Tuesday but will take any small advantage we can get and a drubbing tonight will do as a start !
We will be a different animal on Tuesday. An early goal and a bouncing stadium and we will run all over the top of them. Praying for a fit Kent and Alfie able to start.
Sure Gio said today it was just too early but they’re trying to get him ready for Tuesday. Fingers crossed mate.
Agreed mate. Being positive Gio could just be playing it cool but we are Rangers and we know what can happen with guys “ not quite this week” before we know it it’s 6/7 weeks.
If we go out to this mob it'll be our biggest European failure since Progres. £5m riding on it isn't the type of money we can afford to let slip out of our grasp so easily, not to mention the potential of qualifying for the CL proper.
We need to treat this team with the level they are at on Tuesday

We stood off them far too much last week and that cost us big time

If we can score in first 15 mins we can do them but it will be vital we get a good start and let the crowd do our bit
I'm getting the impression that Gio was luring them into a false sense of security and were going to do them 4-0 on Tuesday....
....I hope so anyway as I work for a certain Glasgow-based energy company that employs for too many Tims
We need to recreate the atmosphere Ibrox saw last season that spurred the team onto victory against Leipzig and Braga. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening because of the opposition and stage of the tournament.
They rested some players but we're getting some back too. Still confident we can turn this around. Alfie hattrick.

Early goal and they'll crumble under the atmosphere, I'm sure of it.