Unpopular bet here


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Right now I couldn't care who won me money... On the worst streak of my life. It's actually came to a point where my mate's will back the opposite of me if it's a one off team. Can't shake it and it's doing my tits in :D

Harthill Bill

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I get that but perplexes me at the same time.
I know the history and understand the hatred but are we not allowed to think they will win a game of fitba?
Of course, we can think what we want.

But by placing a bet you were rooting for them to win - albeit for 90 minutes or so.

That's hardcore treachery!


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Hate to say if it is Hamilton v Scumdee Utd I’ll be glad to see the back of Hamilton.
Tonking them will be fun


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My neighbour had a 6 league winners roll up.
D Utd not winning did him out of nearly £20k he said.

I told him he got what he deserved for betting on them and the scum to win the league.
In the early 90s when the tarriers were über pish I put an accumulator on with them to win. They played on the Sunday and yes, I was waiting on the khonts to win a few hundred quid, A LOT for me in those days. I vowed never again to bet on those bastards. What a quandary, do I want them to win and be a bit richer or lose and maintain sanity.