Updated Rangers Statement - SPFL’s legal adviser deems Rangers' Members Resolution as incompetent, other clubs being bullied

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To me that lot of have scored a massive own goal.. They normally have statements coming out every two minutes but all of a sudden they’ve got nothing to say on the matter.. One of the biggest decisions to be made in years and they have suddenly gone quiet..Surely rational people will see this stinks to high heaven.
Unfortunately Scottish football and the mhedia are full of Rangers haters. None of whom could be described as "rational people".


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Every club who is due to host the filth twice next season before the split will be threatened with boycott by their hordes.

The difference is they will actually do it.


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Murdoch McLennan and Karyn McLuskey both hate Rangers. I wonder what made the SPFL want to appoint them as office bearers.
Les Gray used to enjoy putting the boot into us too. On Sportsound, from 2012 onwards


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We all know mate even if we were in front with one point required to win the title it would have been declared null and void, if we were in the semi finals of the Scottish Cup and the papes were already out this would also have been cancelled by now. We all know who runs Scottish football and how they function.
If we were 25 points clear the league would be nulled and voided already. It would be reported as 'the right thing to do and Rangers as a club must recognise this in these times of crisis', so as to shut us up.


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Competent? If not “competent” then why resubmit? Am I missing something on the definition of competent?
It'll be business speak.
It doesn't meet the framework required for an SPFL resolution.
It will need to be prepared in a certain manner.
Max or min number of lines, sub sections, points.
Certain wording.

Like trying to represent yourself in court.
You couldn't just write in your defence, "ah never fucking kulled eh cunt" this wouldn't be competent.
"I'd like to submit a plea of not guilty to the murder of..." May be a competent plea..
The judge would throw the first out, and probably demand you were represented by at worst a legal aid lawyer.

It doesn't necessarily mean not competent in that it isn't workable or practical.
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May have already been posted..
Rangers Hearts and Aberdeen all voting against SPFL resolution, Hibs and Ross County are undeclared

According to Keith Jackson
If that’s the case, they don’t have 9 passing it and we’re fine aren’t we?


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The 10th of June thing doesn’t stop the league being completed. They can still comfortably complete the games over the month of July then have another small break before starting the new campaign late August.

UEFA have already confirmed qualifiers for Europe will be delayed until the leagues have finished the outstanding games.
It does if you lose a lot of players


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It’s Corrupt like a Pyramid top Downwards, Liewell, SFA, SPFL, Referees, GCC all based on ONE THING, KEEP GREEN AND GREY TOP. Then there is the little matter, away back too 2012 certain high placed Politicians/Tax Officials that made us Toxic.