Updated Rangers Statement - SPFL’s legal adviser deems Rangers' Members Resolution as incompetent, other clubs being bullied


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Correct, and if cash was allocated based on current league standings, that could be adjusted at the end of this crisis or via next season payments.

What I don't get is the rush to end things.
It can only mean one thing..
They know a non complete season is the outcome and there is a fear that #9 is in danger. They must be wanting to make a call before a mandate or recomendation from European /world football is made.
I started a thread about if 2 lubs went into liquidation and their games would be null and void would have a dramatic effect on the table particularly for us Killie Hearts and the sheep all on the brink.


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If that's not corruption then what is? All we want is integrity as they kept saying in 2008 and 2012 to us.

Bolton Bear

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i sincerely hope this has repercussions as im too skeptical to believe we would fight it and will happily take back what ive said in the past if this makes a difference and Rangers legal are all over this.


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Harper Macleod are not Celtic’s lawyers (not their main advisors anyway).
when did they cease that role
I’m not sure if they were ever the main advisors. They may have been involved at one stage. Celtic’s annual accounts tell you who their solicitors are (although that won’t always show the full picture because companies often take advice from multiple law firms).


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Scandalous but not surprising, Scottish football is corrupt to the core and has at last been called out by us. We need to now keep up the pressure and go for these bastards!


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It just reminds me like an attempt at Jury nobbling.

But we need to know

  • Who has been coercing from SPFL/Celtic?
  • What exactly was the nature of this?
  • When did it start?
  • Who has been approached?
  • Has anyone changed their position because of it?
  • Is it within the constitution to do this?

Earl of Leven

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In reality no one but the scum care.

I did unscientific poll of various pals who support a wide range of clubs and none think it's important right now and none feel it's a proper title.

More specifically none feel we should do anything other than start 20/21 in August.

Thasunke Witko

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The SPFL appear to be making the dispersal of cash dependent upon settling the league title and league reorganisation first.

There is no rush to do either of those - thet could simply vote to use their resources to immediately alleviate cashflow problems.
Too easy and simplistic


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Shameful, scandalous and a downright disgrace.

There you have it folks and it's now confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt our game is corrupt to the absolute core and aided and supported to help one fucking horrible club.

The club's statement is superb well done Rangers now out these tarrier scumbags for what they are.


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To me that lot of have scored a massive own goal.. They normally have statements coming out every two minutes but all of a sudden they’ve got nothing to say on the matter.. One of the biggest decisions to be made in years and they have suddenly gone quiet..Surely rational people will see this stinks to high heaven.
Because they are making out those has nothing to do with them directly m8


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Competent? If not “competent” then why resubmit? Am I missing something on the definition of competent?
I imagine there are certain points they don't think will work so looking to have them amended. The one that I noticed would be that if they give the prize money out just now based on the position of each club, when the games are played the position of each club could change so then some clubs will have received either too much or not enough prize money.


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So they're deliberately obstructing us and setting us up to fail? Absolutely scandalous behaviour from the SPFL.
It’s definitely the SPFL causing the delay rather than the lawyers.

Lawyers are working all hours at the minute because that’s what they do. They’d have been perfectly willing to look at this out of hours if their client directed them to. Clearly they didn’t.