VAR-Madness (again).


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Remember the penalty in the 2nd German divison a couple of weeks ago?

Well today the same guy (sitting in an basement somewhere in Cologne) decided that this goal should not be allowed:

You can see in the video that the Dresden player (in yellow) tries to put in a cross. The ball gets cleared and the team in white scores a goal on the other side of that pitch about 20 seconds later. No one complained and the ref did not think that there was anything wrong. Neither did the linesman - who did absolutely nothing even though he was standing right beside the yellow player.

So wtf was the VAR-guy thinking (again)? Has this clown ever played or loved football? I dont give a shit about both teams but this is getting ridiculous now. The team in white - sitting bottom of the table - lost the game 1:0 afterwards by the way.

Imagine an vital goal from Morelos being chopped of because of that. Madness.


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Tbf the ball goes out of play. I can see the frustration but it's the correct decision. Although it seems trivial the restart wasn't taken as it should have been.

Playing devil's advocate. Imagine that mob scored a goal where the ball had gone out and not seen we would be going crazy.

As for the first one common sense should he used and warn the player.


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For those of us who don't speak German, any idea what that was given for as I see nothing in that?

edit: sorry I see it now, it was so absurd and I've drank enough to not follow it. Bizarre decision.


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As predicted VAR is a pile of shite, won't be long until we have some other pish like time outs to ruin the game.


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To be fair it is the correct decision. It just happens to have went against the team who scored badly.

If this happened against us in the final with VAR not in place we would be rightly raging that the ref/linesman never blew for the goal kick


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Utterly farsical.

VAR wasn’t brought in to chop off goals because the ball went out of play 2 minutes before. Get the whole thing to %^*& until the useless wankers in charge can figure out how to use it to the betterment of the game, not the detriment.