Wallace vs Morelos - which goal was better?

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Two sublime European goals, two brilliant passing moves. Take your pick.

I’ve went with Wallace’s just based on the number of passes, the quality of opposition and the fact that it’s probably the best goal I’ve seen us score in terms of build up. Not to take anything away from the Porto goal which was fantastic, incisive and ruthless.

1:30 mins in (though I think we all remember it well enough anyway)

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I don’t even need to watch the Wallace one to know. Must be one of our greatest European goals, the passing before it sublime.


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Wallace though Morelos goal was also fantastic.

Sad to know what has since transpired with regards to our season.

We were flying at points last year.


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Wallace goal was a fantastic move and if someone like Barca had scored they would still talk about it to this day.


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As good as the Morelos goal was & the celebrations when it hit the net it's got to be Wallace for me. Great team move and a lovely finish


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The Wallace one summed us that team - full of players who were comfortable on the ball and who knew each other’s game and where they would be. It is a wonderful goal.


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Wallace goal the work of a top class team, however Alfie’s is a perfect example of counter attacking football. Both crackers!


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That Wallace goal was one of best European goals of all time. When you consider the quality of the opposition it’s a phenomenal goal


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Wallace for me.

Just look at how comfortable every one of those players was on the ball at that level.