Watching us live Vs TV


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Similar to others, far more nerves at home, tarrier games are almost unbearable.

Get lost in the atmosphere at Ibrox so less nerves


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1st Season not watching Rangers live, it’s blinking killing me.
Depending on a camera person deciding what build up play looks like.
Not seeing the off the ball movement, the full pitch and possible moves or attacks available.
Not getting the vibes from the crowd.
In reality watching football on TV is nothing like the real deal, nothing compares to to the thrill, win, lose or draw of live football.
Unfortunately TV football is my fix now and I’m sure for quite a few others for various reasons.
Do not take live football for granted, enjoy it with all your passion, because when the day comes that you cannot attend live games you will miss it.

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Absolutely hate watching it on the tele. Prefer being able to see the full pitch and don't have to put up with commentators. Much more nervous when you're not at the game.


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Is there anything worse than listening to the game on the radio ? You lose concentration for a minute only to be met with chaos over the airwaves, thinking that It's a goal for us, then the massive anticlimax of realising we've conceded. Torture.

gi joe

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How much of a difference do you feel?

I have found watching on the TV makes me a nervous anxious wreck especially the european games this year and always the tarriers games

However when I am at the games I feel more relaxed. Odd

How does it affect you?
Pretty much the same as yourself, I don't know why either.


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Live definitely, at least you are in some way involved, even if you can't actually do anything. TV is still better than radio however, you're reliant on one commentator, whose confirmation of a goal/miss is a fraction of a second behind the crowd roar/groan


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Nothing beats being at the game regardless of who and where we're playing, Sadly I dont get to that many these days and have seen most on the tele, it's certainly a far different experience although I enjoyed last wednesdays game with a few mates, the flip side of last wednesday was the first Livi game and Dundee away, torture.