Watford sack Ranieri


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Don't mind it TBH, he has been f*cking guff, more time is only more time for him to prove he isn't the man for it.

Always seems to be seen as shock when managers are booted regardless of how they have actually performed.


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The PL/FIFA/UEFA or whoever should put an end to the constant managerial changes and put minimum terms or restrictions into place, kinda like they do for footballers not being able to play for more than 2 clubs in a calendar year.


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They should try for Nuno Espirito Santo and give him assurances but no manager who isn't following the money is rocking up there.

A lot of money for not a lot of work (to any decent standard). What a killing!

GVB 1872

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An incredibly average manager with the biggest league triumph in football history.

He should retire but he'll end up at some other Foreign club in 2 months time.

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Daft to hire him in the first place a relegation battle is not his type of gig and it was always going to end this way.

Who next another unknown from the continent or is time to call in one of the big guns , Sam, Neil , Frank, Brucie, Sparky, Ole, Rafa ????

Cannavaro is the fav on Paddy.

Barca Bear

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Is there a point in time when guys like Ranierie just shrug and empty the drawer, give up the flat and fly home with no cares?


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Ranieri should’ve retired immediately after he won the League with Leicester.

The whole world loved him at that point, and he would’ve been treated like a king everywhere he went afterwards. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


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I’m pretty sure they haven’t had big Sam there before, it must be his turn now!


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it’s been working so far, they’re in the premier league and got to an FA cup final in recent years. One benefit is there’s less chance of the managers burning out.


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Must of been a tax break for the club somewhere?
The auld guy has already won the lottery! No chance of luck hitting him again?