We’ve turned a dog into a killer.


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I've got 2 hamsters in their own cages.It takes me getting into the cages never mind a dog ffs.
A load of shite.


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Part of the reason I fucking hate them. Last season when they were handed 8.5 and a wee bit.
The poets at my scheme fireworks galore. Fast forward to this season 4 bears out with some fireworks and a flag.
Cue the poets out greeting ma weans canny sleep. Thankfully one of the bears told them to %^*& off as it wasn't the case with their false title.
They are bad losers and even worse winners utter scum to a man.
Edit: wtf is the poets instead of the T word all about??


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Bejjeeebis tis dem bluddy prodistant firewaorks agin Bernadette.
Ten mar yeers o dis an am aif hame to the aald coontrie, soo aye um.

Said no Glasgow plastic on the dole ...ever!

Ardoyne RSC

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Reminds me of the American kid who told his Da he wanted a guinea pig. His Da said no chance, get a nice Protestant girl like I did