We are better


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It's the consistency in other games we need to right. We know we have the beating of them , but they are far more up for lesser games than us

Jimmy Jazz

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Irrelevant when we can't break down the dross in the league. They can and almost always do. That's the difference.

Hap Hapablap

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I didn't think either team were up to much that day to be honest, thought it was just a pretty shite game decided by a clusterfuck from Goldson.

Head to head I'd back us to beat them, but that alone doesn't win the league sadly.
We picked the wrong formation and team, but apart from that....


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Tomorrow is going to tell us a lot. Yes, it’s the 1st game, only 3pts etc. but it’s one of our toughest fixtures of the season. They generally kick us off the park, we can’t expect any protection from the ref so let’s see if this team is up for the fight. Rolling our sleeves up and winning the battle first, then playing football will see us in good stead.

Kingdom Bear

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Unfortunately the difference is down to mentality ... when they need to get a winner in the last 10 minutes they do .... it’s really that simple

we need winners in our team and so far we’ve not signed any

therefore we can expect much the same as the last couple of seasons I’m afraid


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Our first 11 is , our squad after that lacks quality in depth and it shows when we pick up injuries and suspensions. And they are relentless against the rest of the league. Still feel We need to add more quality to win the title.


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Not sure why people want to make such perilous statements that can only come back to bite us in the arse.

If we‘re better, we’ll hold our Tongues and show it on the pitch.

There is literally no upside I can see to coming and claiming we are better than a team which has 10 trophies on the bounce.


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Genuinely believe we have a better team, as in starting 11, but they have more strength in depth, which happens when you have almost double the wage bill.

They also have the refs terrified, and going by Clancys recent comments that is only going to get worse.


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No point in looking back.

Tomorrow is the start of the next campaign, let’s just go for it, a game at a time though.


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And they don't fear us. That says a hell of alot.
Id say the diddy clubs fans care more about results against us due to drinking the Tim Kool-Aid and believing we cheated them for years. They dont care if the filth horse them 3\4 times a season. We are still the team everyone wants to beat but for a different reason now.

You had Hearts fans cheering Hibs in the 2016 Cup Final. Not to mention the shenanigans of the last few months.


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The last time we won the title we only beat them once in the league. Beating them is important but we can still win the title with a sub-standard head-to-head record in the OF games.

Winning consistently against the other top division teams is what separates us and them at the moment. We have to learn how to blow away teams who sit with 10 men behind the ball.


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We’ve proven repeatedly we can be better than them for 90 mins.
We’ve yet to prove we can do that over 38 games.


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See if that St Johnstone game wasn't postponed and we had won it, we would have went into the the winter break at the half way point top of the league.
The tarriers were handed the league before the three quarter stage.
That means they are crowned champions for winning a quarter of the league. Think on that.


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As of the start today we are not better. What happens in the days ahead in transfers will decide if we really can challenge. We start with similar to last year. That failed , it will again .

Laudrups Barnet

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Watching the Dec game, we played them off their midden. We as a team are far better, they have not improved. We won’t drop points against them so let’s win against the rest
Five subs rule is what will %^*& us.

11 v 11 we’d beat them every time. They’ve got quality in their reserves and we don’t sadly.

They can bring on Upto five game changing quality players.

We can bring on one or two game changers and three sub standard players.