We bullied them and treated them with complete disdain


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Midfield 3 win us the game, give the full backs a platform to get forward. You can see how well coached we are, our pattern of play is clear but so much quality it's difficult to stop. Stronger squad than them too clearly. We wouldn't have struggled like that with 4 out.


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I've genuinely never seen us have it so easy.

I think any other team in the top flight would have given us a tougher game today.

Even Old FIrm games where we've won by more or seemed more dominant, they've had some spell of pressure or tested the keeper.

Today? Nothing. Maybe a half chance from a poor back-pass or two but that's it. At no point did they have any control over the game.

Hell, we even managed to rest a few players for the Europa League game!


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If you go onto Kiddyfiddle Street some are actually saying the left back, Fail Duffy, Broonaldho and Ajer played well lol

Apparently they still have the stronger team and better players lol


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Dare i say thats the most humiliating Old Firm for them since March 2000.

Complete disdain and that day we didnt have any reason to keep our tank full. Hence the 4 goals.

We did have reason today and hopefully we benefit on Thursday


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It didn’t really feel like a bullying - in that it wasn’t particularly physical. More to do with they weren’t really able to play any killer passes cause our defensive shape was rock solid. We neatly passed it around - particularly in the first half.

Out classed but not really a bullying performance imho.

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The way it should be.

We skelped them all over the park. They got so wound up by Morelos
Our midfield dominated them.

Brown and Shame Diddy left laying on the park.

glorious stuff
We absolutely owned them. With a bit more quality in the final third we would have really horsed them. The back 4 and midfield 3 were different class and choked the life out of them. It was a joy to watch.


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Await the rhags come Monday,wonder if ALL the hater's will have much to say about their own teams inadequacies,or will it all be about the"victims"card and the excuses.


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A touch harsh. Alfredo while not particularly active in and around box put himself about and kept their midfield and defence on their heels. I look forward to see him hit their net but the win is more important for the team.
For me Buff was too much into stupid antics today - he needs to learn he has much more important role to play other than getting into stupid spats with non entities.

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We all knew if we played to the level we are capable of we would be too good for them. That’s how it turned out today.

I’ve said it before, on our game we are the best team in Scotland. Let’s keep this going and not drop any more points to the rest of the league or today is meaningless. We’ve got the initiative back, let’s not lose it again.

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