We bullied them and treated them with complete disdain


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I remember reading Robbie Fowler’s autobiography, he said Houllier was raging with him because he didn’t overcelebrate a Liverpool win with the team at old Trafford. Fowler basically said, a win over Man U isn’t a big achievement for Liverpool, we are the most successful club in England etc.
and that’s how I feel about a Rangers win against the beggars, we are the best and the number 1 club in Scotland, a win over them should be treated as just another 3 points, don’t make them feel like a win against them is that important (even though it is)
A league title or a trophy is what is really important
You have to feed there paranoia. Feck the soap dodging, child molesting, terrorist scum. As the song goes shite football team.:D:p:mad::))

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It's been clear from the league cup final that Gerrard has now got them over that mental block about playing them. We went out that day and played our own game without fear - it should have been a comfortable win.

We now need to get over the issues with the physical approach Killie and Livi adopt on their plastic pitches. If that means certain players aren't suited to it then they need to drop out.


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We’ve put up with some shite in the past, Barton, Cribari, a fucked Krancjar and many many more who capitulated to the scum, laughed and joked with them as we walked off the park or even set the team obviously to draw or lose.

We deserved that win and performance yesterday but at last I feel that we are headed in the right direction and many more good days are ahead.

Well done to the management, coaches and players, let’s keep it up now and bring home the silverware.


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Wanted McGregor to whip off his jersey at the end of the game and lay it out neatly on the centre spot before walking off with his he’d held high.

A bit more decorum than the racist bigot tying scarves to the goalposts.
That lot are so trampish they'd probably have given it a ceremonial burning, fu@kem what we did was better than any of their lowlife shit. Lets give them lots more of what we gave them yesterday.


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Was that not their regular midfield they had playing yesterday, I hope they keep this mindset our bench looked stronger than their first team .

Yes it was.

3 of their players that were missing would have occupied the same spot in the team had they played.

Christie, Edouard and Ajeti is all fit would have been vying for 2 positions.

They can continue ignoring their shortcoming and focus on their absentees. Means they keep ignoring that we are better than them.


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It also showed the difference in class.

When they were beating us regularly they couldn't wait to rub it in on the pitch, with players acting like absolute maggots while our players basically acted as if it's a normal thing to happen and treated them as if they are nothing.

It showed they will always have an inferiority complex.


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I've genuinely never seen us have it so easy.

I think any other team in the top flight would have given us a tougher game today.

Even Old FIrm games where we've won by more or seemed more dominant, they've had some spell of pressure or tested the keeper.

Today? Nothing. Maybe a half chance from a poor back-pass or two but that's it. At no point did they have any control over the game.

Hell, we even managed to rest a few players for the Europa League game!
I don't think we even really hit our top gears


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That game reminded me of the first time we played them after being relegated. That game finished 2-0 too but was a canter. That’s how yesterday felt, did our job, professional, didn’t give anything away, didn’t expand too much energy and didn’t need to get out of second gear. A solid professional performance.


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It's very easy to have "swagger" and gie it the "big yin" when your trouncing over the Rob Keirnan's, Russell Martin's, Jason Holt's and Lee Hodson's off the world - who with all due respect just weren't good enough and tough enough to play for Rangers

It's not soo easy to trounce all over proven Rangers players like Davis and guys with dig and fight like Arfield and Helander now though is is, and when your Croatian left back is catching the bug in hating everything they stand for
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