We need to wise up


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I’ve been a supporter for more than 50 yrs this season I’ve watched every game there is only a couple of games where the refs and the media have had any input but cmon it’s down right cheating now,we have fans wanting Gerard’s head Jesus Christ are they blind we aren’t being allowed to win the league the refs and media will make sure if you have any doubts cast your memory back to the last Celtic game and what happened after that result,no I think the fans and the club need to speak up infact an away boycott of two years should do the trick.


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We don’t make enough of a fuss about how we’re treated, especially by refs.

I still find myself in disbelief when people say shite like ‘let’s stop blaming refs’, because it’s quite clearly two sets of rules. By all accounts, we play like Kilmarnock yesterday and we finish that game with eight men.