Wee Glenn "Delighted" at Hibs


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Look at the two photos on the BBC Sports page. In one he looks like he has a wee touch of the dry boak and in the other he is like a pitbull chewin' a wasp

He is definitely not a happy bunny!
It's a good move for his development, he cant hurt us there, strengthens a team who normally cause the taigs problems, makes them weaker v us, hibs are a nothing entity in comparison to us and we should be treating them like the little bitches they are by using them to develope our players. Good move for us, no point chopping our nose off to spite our face when we can benefit. Hibs are an irrelevance to us, who cares if they get a slight benefit from it, they are nothing


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Having see the Youtube clip of Hibs fans at Ibrox spewing their bile and hatred at one of the Rangers stewards, I wonder what their reaction is to a Rangers player joining their ranks—not exactly positive I'd imagine.
I trust the wee man to go and help damage some of our rivals and maybe earn us a few points. Just hope the loan works in terms of his development and he gets the necessary game time. If so then we will reap the benefits.